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Back To School Essentials

Whether you’re in high school or on your way back to college, school is just around the corner. Rather than wasting precious time in the sun and lazing about, allow Cliché and I to make your life easier! From beauty needs, fashion necessities, and random bits and bobs that come in handy, here are back to school essentials for you students out there!

Foundation or BB Cream of Choice: Even if you don’t wear makeup on a daily basis, there will be an occasion where a full face is called for, be it a Greek formal, a club black tie, or a school dance.Contrary to belief, foundation doesn’t have to be full coverage or thick. Find one that works best for you and your skin!  Pro tip: match foundation with your lower jaw or neck (never match it to your hand since it catches way more rays than your actual face!).

Mascara and/or Eyeliner: Mascara is one of those beauty products that adds so much with so little. Opening your eyes, elongating those already beautiful lashes on your face, keeping everything natural…it’s our dirty little secret! And whether your eyeliner is liquid, gel, crayon, or pencil, it changes an entire look with a simple flick and swish. Pro tip: splurge if you have the resources, but most often than not drugstore versions work equally as good as high-end brands.
Tweezers: Going to a salon or brow bar isn’t easy if you live on campus or are just busy in general. Tweezers become your best friend for those sparse hairs that are just out of place and ruining that perfect arch! Pro tip: make sure you invest in a pair of tweezers with a sharp point and close fairly tightly to be able to grab those tiny suckers!
Bobby Pins: Bobby pins are those items that you don’t realize you need until you’ve lost them all and are in a pinch. Baby and stray hairs beware! Keep yourself stocked with these babies in your locker, bag, or dorm room and you won’t be sorry. Pro tip: make sure these are tight and won’t loosen with time or wear.
Creaseless Hair Ties: These hair ties are thicker and flatter than ordinary. Whether your hair is straight or curly, these are a must because no matter what they will never crease your hair. EVER.
Makeup Remover Wipes/Cleanser/Moisturizer: Basically, everything you need to make sure your skin is in tip-top shape. Cleansing the skin is important and so is making sure it’s balanced. Use cleansers that have natural ingredients rather than harsh alcohols that strip the skin of natural oils. Despite the myth, oiliness cannot be fought by stripping but rather by balancing! Make sure you replenish with a face oil or a good natural moisturizer.

Dark Wash Jeans: Dark wash jeans are a staple. Whether they’re dressed up or down, they provide a clean-cut look with very little effort. Jeans are something most people say to splurge on; however, if the right jeans for you happen to be $20 or even $10, what does it matter? Dark wash, skinny, and ankle length is perfect for a business casual event or just a night out with the girls.

Blazer: A good blazer is a must, not just for the preps united but for any event in which an office vibe is needed. If you have a job interview or a work meetup, a blazer adds a serious and professional touch. But really, it all depends on how you work it: blazers can look chic and casual when paired with the right outfit. A good blazer is a serious investment piece everyone should make.
LBD: Audrey Hepburn had it right on so many occasions it’s hard to keep track. However, the iconic actress forever epitomized the little black dress. Thanks to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, women all around the world have this number as a secret weapon in their closets, and if not then get cracking! Whether it be a cocktail party, a work function, or breakfast (at Tiffany’s!), the LBD is a must for every woman.
Flats: Along with the LBD, a nice pair of flats is a must. Whether it’s to add extra “oomph” and comfort to an outfit or for an event where standing and walking is unavoidable, this pair of footwear is as versatile as the next one on the list.
Boots: Whether it’s a pair of riding boots or snow boots (depending on your climate), boots help you get by when the weather is being anything but nice. The East Coast is highly partial to the riding boot trend in the fall and rainboots for the spring. Meanwhile, the West Coast seems biased to chic ankle booties with earthy tones.

Dorm Room and Locker
Posters: Let’s face it: dorm rooms can be rather prisonlike in nature. And school itself can feel just as torturous! Try to liven things up and add your own touch or reminder of home by adding posters or picture of the people you hold dear in your locker or dorm. It’ll make a dorm feel more homelike and keep you smiling all day!

Planner: No matter how organized you may think you are, a planner is a must! There will be times where you feel as if you need clones of yourself to make all of your appointments and to complete all of your tasks.
Whiteboard: Whiteboards tie in with a planner—being able to write yourself reminders will becrucial. It’s also a fun way for friends and visitors to leave their love or remarks for you to find.
Stain Remover: This is another one of those items you find superfluous until you spill tomato sauce on your new white blouse and you have a presentation with your favorite cutie in the front row.
Mattress Topper: This is for the new dormers out there: You. Will. Need. This. It doesn’t matter how high-quality you think the beds will be, unless you don’t mind feeling like you’re sleeping on a rock!
Throw Blanket: This is one of those items you don’t think you need until you’re sitting in a lounge, studying long hours on those awful desk chairs provided for you, or have a guest over. They’re super useful and super cozy
Condoms: It is always better to be safe than sorry, and even if you don’t use them, someone else will be mighty grateful you have some in stock!
Open Mind: This is beyond needed in order to ensure you take up every positive opportunity that comes your way and live each day to its fullest potential.

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