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5 Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit This Year

So your New Year’s Resolution was to stay fit and healthy in 2016. First day of the year, you woke up hungover and decided to give it a day. Then, the next day was a Saturday and you still had leftovers from that mouthwatering dinner. Everybody knows you can’t start a diet on Sunday, so you waited until Monday, had a green tea in the morning, a salad for lunch, and a healthy protein infused dinner. You worked out a few days of the first week of January, fewer days on the second week, and here you are, a month later wondering where it all went wrong. Well, it’s not too late. The year is still young and there are ways to help you stay on track! Here are five of them.

1) Set Goals

This may sound like a given, but hear me out. Setting goals is not just saying: “I need to lose weight” or “I want to fit in my jeans again.” You need to really know what you want to achieve. Set tangible goals such as: “I want to lose 10 pounds by July” or “I want to be a size 4 by mid-August,” something to this effect. You need goals that are measurable so you can track your progress, and when you track your progress, you’ll get motivated to achieve more.

2) Be Organized
Speaking of setting goals and tracking your progress, it’s important to keep things organized. Writing your goals down can have positive effects on your brain. Keep a journal, set weekly goals and document your progress. The Fitbook offers amazing tools to help you measure your progress. Their 12-week Fitbook: Fitness + Nutrition Journal is a great way to get you started and motivated, and so is their Goal Getter Journal.

3) Eat Bad Foods
It’s very important to eat healthy, but don’t forget, fatty foods are good for you as well. Foods like avocados, nuts, chocolate, and even cheese are loaded with fats, and it’s essential that you don’t refrain for them. When you don’t eat enough fat, your body goes into starvation mode, which makes your body store more fat, and not to mention the numerous other risks it has on your health. Eat all things in moderation, even indulge every once in a while, it will shock your liver and help you burn fat faster.

4) Keep Moving
Exercise as much as possible. With that in mind you’ll definitely want to check out some workout clothes for men. But it’s not just about exercise. Sitting for long hours can have calamitous effects on your health, let alone your weight. Try to get up and walk around for ten minutes every hour. It will keep your blood flowing and raise your serotonin levels.

5) Stay Motivated
The path to your goals is long, so it’s important not to get discouraged by the process. Surround yourself with like-minded people who live a healthy lifestyle, put on some uplifting music, and buy yourself some nice gym gear. Arrow from Birchbox offers a variety of beauty products that are specifically catered to women with active lifestyles. So put on your kicks, your new gym outfit, the Arrow lip balm and cheek tint, gather your gym buddies and go take over the world—or the treadmill, whatever you can conquer first.

In short, be specific about what you want, stay organized and track your progress, eat all things in moderation, stay active, and remain motivated and look awesome while doing so. Remember, being healthy is not a diet or a phase, it’s a lifestyle, so chose one you can commit to long-term.

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