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Creative Cushion Ideas to Makeover any Room

Making over a room in your home or apartment can be extremely fun. Perhaps you have a new seasonal theme you want to try out or perhaps you’ve purchased new furniture and are looking for a specific look. There are an infinite number of decorative approaches that can be used when making over a room. Some people will opt for more large-scale methods such as changing their flooring or perhaps the colors on their walls. But for those looking for an easier, less expensive yet equally dramatic approach, there are cushions! One of the easiest ways to makeover a room is by adding a new set of cushion covers to your sofa or other seating areas you may have in the space. Today, we’re going to explore some creative ideas for making over your room by using cushions in the latest stunning designs.

Getting your colors right

Before jumping into your makeover project, you need to carefully consider the colors that you have present in your room. Getting the color combinations right with any interior decorating is important and understanding them is the key to selecting the right cushions for your space. The easiest way to do this is to stand back for a few minutes  and look for the one or two predominant colors that are present in the room. These could be on your walls, in any of your furniture or present in any decorative pieces you have. With these colors identified, you can use them to select cushion covers that carry this theme to bring harmony to the room. If you have a very eclectic mix of hues across the room, don’t stress. In these cases, it will be best to find some neutral cushions in greys, blacks or whites to help calm down the space and lessen the color load.
Finding the style that suits your space
zig zag pillow photo

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Once you have selected your colors, it’s now time to consider the style that will best suit the look you are trying to achieve. The range of options for cushion covers in endless and again it will be important to consider the current makeup of your room before picking your collection. That said there are some amazing styles coming out of New Zealand now which we just adore. If you’re after a more refined and classic look, strong patterns such as zig zags and geometric prints will be important to consider. If you’re after something more fun, there are an enormous range of scatter cushions which feature modern prints, motifs, characters and even popular quotes. As part of choosing the right style for your space, you will also need to consider the material that yours are constructed of. Cotton linen cushions are fantastic for a natural, light feel, while woolen knits and velvet styles are more warm and luxurious. If you want to get really creative and funky, combining these different textures can produce intriguing collections that can become centerpieces of your room.
Putting your collection together
pillow cushionsAfter you have selected your favorite styles it’s then all about how to pull them together into a collection. There are many different approaches to this, again depending on the look you want to achieve. We’ve put together some key tips to keep in mind which should help maximize your makeover efforts.

  1. Mix it up. Your cushion covers should never be the same color as your sofa.
  2. Don’t go overboard. Use a maximum of 3 pieces for each person your sofa can seat.
  3. Experiment with different sizes and shapes. Combining squares and rectangles, small and large sizes can be incredibly effective.
  4. Consider your inserts. Polyester inserts are light and hold their shape, feather inserts are heavy but can be manipulated into different shapes.
  5. Go odd over even. Odd number groupings of cushion covers typically look the best.

These little bundles of joy are some of the most underrated pieces in the interior design world. By using these creative ideas for your cushion makeover, we’re sure you’ll have a blast updating your favorite rooms.
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