Healthy Benefits of A Visalus Shake

Healthy Benefits of A Visalus Shake

Why do we need good nutrition? The question would be pretty obvious – to maintain nice shape, too feel healthy and enlightened, to attract people with good looks and admire your reflection in the mirror. The reasons can be different, but let’s all agree on the matter that healthy, well-balanced diet is crucial to become a better version of ourselves. But how to obtain that perfect summer beach body if those snacks look so good, so appealing, so tasty… Seems like a legit portion of salad and a risotto is not enough to keep your tummy full throughout the day. That is why people invented nutritional shakes.

What is a nutritional shake? A nutritional shake is a tasty drink that substitutes a meal. Mind you that changing your diet extremely and drinking only shakes is not an option. But if you feel a necessity to urgently have something nutritional in your mouth, than why grab a Snickers with lots of sugar and unhealthy carbohydrates, when you just can have a light drink instead?

Visalus shake nutritional values

Visalus shakes represent a good, healthy and well-balanced dose of nutrition.  If we talk about meal substitution, this drink does a great job of taming your hunger and quenching your thirst.  Besides that, a nutritious shake is not a simple mix of a powder and a liquid that tastes horrible.  On the contrary, a Visalus shake tastes fabulous.  In fact you can use the shake to prepare various recipes, including mousse-like desserts.

Visalus shake nutritional information

visalus shake

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A Visalus shake has an abundance of healthy ingredients that will definitely make you feel great.  To prove that, let’s break down all the ingredients contained in this healthy shake.   A single serving of Visalus shake contains no more than 90 calories, which is extremely impressive due to the fact that an average Snickers bar contains from 456 to 507 calories.  When you need a boost of energy throughout the day, how can you easily obtain it in a healthy manner?  It is proven that the more calories we consume, the more we will have to burn, or those «unused» calories will turn into body fat. People who work at the office or any other place where movement is limited can often times find it difficult to exercise or otherwise burn calories throughout the day. A Visalus shake allows you to gain needed nutrition without all of the calories.

A Visalus shake has zero trans fat and zero saturated fat, and the total percentage of fat in a single serving equals 2%, which, again, is very impressive.  Visalus shake nutrition facts claim that this product has 5% less fatty acids than in the average protein shake you can buy at a local health and fitness store.  There are only 5% of cholesterol in 15 mg of a product. Visalus shake has 2% of total carbs in 7 grams per serving.  Mind you that carbohydrates found in this shake are significantly different from carbs found in traditional snacks we eat in a day. Why? Because carbs that hide in chips or fries are carbohydrates that turn into fat much faster. That is why nutritionists recommend substituting fast acting carbohydrates with a healthier version that takes more time to break down in the body. For 5 grams of a product, you get 22% of fiber, which is absolutely necessary for controlling your body weight, keeping the level of cholesterol in track and regulating sugar level in the organism.

Visalus shakes don’t contain any sugar, and that is also a good thing. Sugar makes us feel full, but after some time we can feel tired and depleted of our energy.  Finally, this shake has 12g of protein, which is 24% of the daily requirements.  Hows that for a really awesome, great tasting nutritional shake?  If you have the opportunity to grab a Visalus shake, please indulge yourself and enjoy the nutrition.

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