Ivanka Trump: You’re Fired from the Fashion World

She is an adviser to her father’s presidency and owner of a feminine fashion line. We’re all so amazed! How does Ivanka Trump do it? Well, very poorly actually. Last week, Ivanka officially stated that her clothing brand will be shutting down. She admitted that this was “the only fair outcome for my team and partners.” Ivanka Trump: you’re fired from the fashion world.


Once her father Donald Trump began running for office, Ivanka’s clothing brand immediately faced controversy. For many supporters of Trump’s campaign, buying into this brand was unifying to the country, on the other hand, for many critics, buying into this brand was ignominious.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with her clothing brand, Ivanka Trump’s clothing, handbags, shoes, and other accessories pushed to represent the working women of America. The style was feminine and professional, making women across the country feel like they were breaking the glass ceiling; however, it became ironic to wear clothing in the name of feminism by a woman who denies her own father’s history of sexual harassment and assault. Needless to say, the hypocrisy here and on many other levels, including exposed abusive working conditions in Chinese factories, blackened the name.


The protests and boycotts against the Trump brand were relentless and effective. In October of 2016, activist Shannon Coulter started the #GrabYourWallet campaigned that called for boycotting any retailer that continued to carry any Trump brand. Nordstrom dropped the clothing line shortly after the election due to poor sales, while stores that held on, such as Macy’s and Zappos, have reduced their prices by more than half.


Overall, it should come as no surprise that owning your own fashion line while taking a position in the White House is a conflict of interest and morally unsound. For now, Ivanka Trump desires to focus on her duties in Washington and let go of her mark on the fashion world. While a relaunch is still very possible, Ivanka stated: “I don’t know when or if I will ever return to the business.” Looks like Americans will have to learn to survive without their favorite dresses stitched with deceit, hypocrisy, and shame.


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