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The Sneaky Effects of Dehydration You Might Not Know About

effects of hydration

Everyone knows that staying hydrated is crucial for their health and managing energy. It’s just one of those basic health tips that you learn about as a child.  But despite this common knowledge, so many people routinely fail to drink enough water throughout the day. 

It’s something that’s very in your face when it comes to health advice; always stay hydrated! This is basically one of the biggest things you’ll need to do to boost energy. But with that said, the main problem is the fact that people are drinking things that dehydrate them, but they are under the idea they’re hydrated- such as Coke or coffee. 

But with that said, we’re all often warned about the dangers of dehydration, like headaches and dizziness, right? Well, there are several lesser-known effects that can sneak up, too. Actually, they’re impacting your health in surprising ways. But what is this exactly? Well, here are some overlooked consequences of not drinking enough water and why it’s essential to keep that water bottle handy.

Reduced Physical Performance

So this might be the most obvious, but at the same time, it’s a bit sneaky. Now, if you were out in the hot sun hiking, cycling, walking, exercising, or doing basically any physical activity and you got hot, tired, and were losing energy, then you most likely know it’s due to dehydration. That’s a given. But you don’t have to do anything hardcore to have physical performance reduced. 

Muscle fatigue, reduced endurance, and increased susceptibility to cramps are all symptoms that can derail an active lifestyle. So, you could be working, even just sitting at a desk job, and if you’re losing energy and you are losing stamina (with cramps, too), these are just basically dead giveaways of dehydration that don’t necessarily get recognized. 

Digestive Discomfort

Dehydration can lead to digestive issues, including constipation. Again, even drinking coffee and soda can still dehydrate you! But why can you struggle with digestive issues, though? Well, it’s all about movement. You have to keep in mind that water is necessary for digesting food and helping move waste smoothly through your gut. 

When you’re dehydrated, your body pulls water from your stool, leading to harder stools that are difficult to pass. This pushing and straining can eventually lead to hemorrhoids symptoms like itching, bleeding, and difficulty sitting. It’s just not something you want to deal with, so make sure to drink more water and eat whole foods (ideally organic). You have to keep in mind that hemorrhoid pain can be easily avoidable, but it’s all about taking proper action first. 

Kidney Problems

Are you familiar with kidney stones? While there are plenty of rumors on why people get them (such as drinking nothing but soda daily), what it actually comes down to is dehydration. If you’re dehydrated frequently, you’re highly likely to get kidney stones, and they can be so painful to pass- sometimes the need for surgical removal. 

Skin and Beauty Downfall

It’s not just your internal health that takes a hit when you’re dehydrated—your skin suffers, too. Moisturizer isn’t going to be the only thing that fixes it either; your diet and what you drink will fix it, too. Lack of adequate hydration can leave your skin looking dull, flaky, and older. Fine lines and wrinkles are more pronounced when the body is dehydrated because the skin lacks the moisture it needs to look plump and vibrant.

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