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4 Ways To Manage Back Pain

Today we want to share 4 ways to manage back pain. As many as eighty percent of all adults in America will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. This might be a one-off issue, or it could be a more chronic problem. Whatever the cause and however long it lasts, back pain can be a debilitating issue that can prevent people from working or enjoying their lives to the full. Here are some great ways to alleviate the problem of back pain wherever possible. 

See A Specialist 

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An orthopedic specialist like Dr Simon Hutabarat is the ideal place to turn if you have chronic back pain that nothing seems to be helping. Although it’s highly likely that you’ll try a number of different techniques first (some of which are talked about below), in some cases, an expert is the right call. Not only will you have the pain itself reduced or even eliminated, but they can investigate the underlying cause too. This will ensure the problem doesn’t reoccur.  Experts can also recommend particular muscle relief exercises, such as gluteus medius pain relief exercises, for areas of acute discomfort.

Less Screen Time 

Watching TV or sitting in front of a laptop for hours at a time will cause you to have a sore back due to the hunched position you find yourself in. The same is true when you’re playing on a video game console or using your smartphone to scroll through your social media feeds or text your friends and family. Too much of this, and your back will really begin to suffer. Therefore, it’s best to limit the time you spend in front of screens where you can. 

At work, get up and walk around every hour to soothe your back (this will also help with your circulation), and when you’re using your devices for fun, give yourself 20 to 30 minutes at a time and then put them down and do something else. When watching TV, try sitting up straighter or position your couch so that you don’t have to stretch. 

Use Ergonomic Furniture 

manage back pain

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As well as what we have mentioned above regarding getting up from your desk every hour when you’re at work, it’s also important to ensure that your desk and chair are suitable. They should be ergonomically designed in order to prevent – as far as possible – back, neck, shoulder, and wrist pain. To begin with, your computer monitor should be positioned at eye level and should be twenty inches (minimum) away from your face. You will also need a good chair that you are comfortable in, and it should have armrests and lower back support. 

Lose Weight 

When you carry extra pounds, you are putting additional stress on your body, which can manifest as back pain; it’s especially likely to cause pain in your back if the fat sits in the stomach or breast areas. Therefore, losing the extra weight will reduce the amount of stress on your back and reduce the pain along with it. Of course, it’s easy to simply say lose weight, and all will be well, but losing weight itself can be a hard thing to do. A good start is to do some light exercise (be careful if your back is hurting) and switch your diet to a healthier, well-balanced one. Speak to an expert if you’re really having trouble but we hope these tips will help you manage back pain.

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