TikTok Star Avery Cyrus is a Beacon of Representation for the Hispanic LGBTQ Community

TikTok Star Avery Cyrus is a Beacon of Representation for the Hispanic LGBTQ Community

At just 21, Avery Cyrus has a social media presence that many seasoned influencers could only dream of. She’s one of the top Hispanic LGBTQ content creators and has racked up 7.4 million TikTok followers in 2 short years, as well as boasting 128k subscribers on YouTube. Avery is thrilled to be a role model to so many. “I feel so honored to be looked up to by people who are exploring their sexuality and learning how to gain confidence in their own skin.” She cherishes being Hispanic and LGBTQ, though that intersection can sometimes present its own unique challenges. “I personally love being a part of both communities as it is truly amazing, but it also means that there are hardships in life that you have to overcome that people in those communities may not ever have to. For example, coming out to Hispanic parents and families can be extremely daunting.” In the content realm, she prides herself on forging her own path. “I really enjoy posting videos about things that I would have already tried doing regardless of my platform. I’ve always been the type to see something that interests me or get a random crazy idea and just figure out how to do it myself. Really, I just record the things I would already do!”

The soul of Avery’s platform is her audience. “I like to think that we are all like a big family. Over time some of my audiences have even became my friends. I have a couple people that I met through their fan accounts of me and now we chat pretty regularly. I’ve also met and became pretty good friends with some of my audience that joined me on live for a Q&A one time. It’s super awesome, I love talking to them and hearing about their lives!” She hopes to provide a haven for her young LGBTQ fans who might feel isolated or lonely. “I really hope that they can use my content as a safe space and I hope it sends the message that they are never alone in anything they are feeling or going through. Also, I want to help people to not be afraid to be their authentic self!” The ability to showcase other LGBTQ creators and causes is a privilege that is not lost on her, especially in light of her own experiences growing up. “It’s so important to me because I would have loved to have a platform like TikTok when I was a kid where creators are so open about their lives and struggles within the community.”

Avery also showcases the joy of her life with girlfriend Sophia Mosca. “Honestly, it’s been a little over one and a half years and we are both still madly in love. I’ve never had such a healthy and loving relationship and it feels amazing to be able to share it with the world!” The two frequently team up to make content together. “We have really gotten into doing dance and stunt videos together. Sophia has been a dancer nearly her whole life, so she’s really good at teaching me how to dance and how to not look so awkward doing it.” Looking ahead, she aims to continue to utilize her platform to promote advocacy and champion what she believes in. “I plan to continue working with brands that I feel passionate about and supporting causes that I feel connected to!”

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TikTok Star Avery Cyrus is a Beacon of Representation for the Hispanic LGBTQ Community. Photo Credit: Charlotte Lai.

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