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Zingara Mode – an Eco-Friendly Jewelry Business That Gives Back

Eco-Friendly Jewelry Business

Today we’d like to introduce Zingara Mode, an incredible brand that truly cares about sustainable fashion and eco-friendly jewelry.  Each piece is hand picked and custom designed to be a little different from what you see on other jewelry websites.  In this article we’ll discuss more about Zingara Mode and some important aspects of creating and maintaining an eco-friendly jewelry business. If you truly want to create an eco-friendly jewelry business, it’s important to really understand what makes jewelry eco-friendly and important aspects of the entire business. To get started, Zingara Mode recommends that you should think about the following questions and familarize  yourself with important aspects of being eco-friendly jewelry business.

Where is your jewelry manufactured?
Does the metal you use for your jewelry contain toxins?
Is your jewelry ethically produced?
Is your jewelry handmade or massed produced?
Is your jewelry durable and made for daily use?
Is your jewelry packaged with biodegradable, organic or recycled material?
How do you spend your profits?

If you have ever dreamed of wanting to own and manage your own jewelry business remotely,  these are important tips that Zingara Mode recommends to help you stand out and represent your eco-friendly jewelry brand to the fullest.

Be Environmentally Conscious

eco-friendly jewelry business

Photo by Vlad Chețan on Pexels

Zingara Mode tells us that eco-friendly jewelry begins with jewelry that was mined while having the least negative impact on the environment.  In other words, having ethically sourced metals that doesn’t harm people or the planet.  Make sure that every aspect of your production process, including all packaging has been carefully evaluated and vetted to ensure the protection of the environment, employees and of course customers.

Sustainable Sourcing

Mining of any kind can be severely hazardous for the environment. This is because of the amount of toxic waste, greenhouse gasses, erosion, extracting and transporting of raw materials are extremely higher when compared to recycled metals. China leads the way when it comes to mining but other Asian and S. American conglomerates often use workers that are underpaid and exploited.

Use Eco-Friendly Metals

Eco-Friendly Jewelry BusinessThe impact on people and the environment from industrial mining and illegal mining operations can be great. There are a few things to consider when thinking about the type of metal to use for your jewelry. Some chose to manufacture their products with recycled gold and silver this limits the amount of new and raw materials being used. Other eco-friendly jewelry brands such as Zingara Mode use stainless steel and titanium steel because production is environmentally friendly and steel is 100% recyclable with an infinite lifecycle.

Vet Your Manufacturer

It’s important that you vet every manufacturer that you work with to make sure they are aligned with your core values and meet the eco-friendly requirements that you have set forth for your brand.  Don’t be afraid to create some sort of application process whereby you ask direct questions about their manufacturing process, materials used and labor conditions. You can also find out if they are a part of any 3rd party verification agency such as the Responsible Jewellery Council or Positive Luxury. This will ultimately give you a piece of mind that you are aligned with companies who support your eco-friendly goals and it will also give your customers assurance and complete transparency about who you partner with and the sustainable lifestyle that you represent.

Manage Your Jewelry Business Remotely

While the world deals with COVID19 and economic challenges, a lot of small and medium size businesses are finding it challenging to keep the doors open. More and more business owners are moving their businesses online because of necessity during these challenging circumstances. There are both pros and cons of running your jewelry business remotely. Let’s take a look.


Overhead Costs: Working remotely can help save money on certain costs such as rent, electricity, supplies, insurance and security.

Technology: Working remotely is easier than ever thanks to software and applications that mimic the feel of an office without actually having to be there.

Safe: Working remotely means that you won’t be traveling to your storefront each day. This means you will also save on gas and lessen the risk of a potential accident.

Invest In Your Community

A part of running an eco-friendly jewelry business is to lead by example and support your community and other businesses that strive to respect the environment, their workforce and their customers through sustainable fashion. Here are a few ways that Zingara Mode recommends you support like minded business in your community and continue the push for a healthier environment, fairer wages and a planet that can naturally sustain all of us. Remember, it’s not just a watch, a ring, a necklace or earring your selling. It’s something more than just your brand.

  • Give a small percentage of each sale to your favorite local charity
  • Give a small percentage of each sale to a partner that might work in another country
  • Partner with a locally environmental non-profit to help improve the environment. NordGreen for example donates 5 trees to be planted with every watch sale.
  • Support women’s education for sustainable fashion and artisans for more job opportunities
  • Support legislation that supports a lower carbon footprint and new technology that helps us min, produce and deliver better eco-friendly jewelry products.


We hope you love Zingara Mode and their eco-friendly jewelry. We also hope you love their tips on how to manage an eco-friendly jewelry business will be of high value and something you can refer back to at any time. Remember sustainable fashion isn’t a trend, it is a lifestyle and it’s a lifestyle that more and more fashion and jewelry companies are attempting to incorporate. As the owner of Zingara Mode said….

“Making affordable, long lasting and self expressive items is not the only focus we have as a brand. Creating a more sustainable way of distribution of your favourite items is how we are changing the world one step at a time.”

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