Best Yoga Styles To Help you Lose Weight

People start doing yoga for diverse reasons. Some want to relax and reduce stress, some are willing to become stronger and build muscle, while others want to gain a sense of inner calmness and improve concentration.

Taking their desire into account, people choose the type of yoga which corresponds to their preference and helps them feel better.  It’s essential to find a type which will not only help you develop some traits or get fit, but also which will be comfortable for you. You have to figure out what asanas will be right for you regardless if you are searching for the best type of yoga for weight loss or want to gain inner balance, since only the right yoga style will help you approach to the cherished goal.

What Are The Best Yoga Styles To Help You Lose Weight?

There is a great number of yoga schools and lots of different yoga types, however there are only several basic types which differ from each other by their intensity, asanas and spiritual practices (meditation, mantras, etc.).

When searching for the best yoga styles to lose weight, it’s worth giving preference to the following ones.


Hatha yoga

This type includes work with the breath, meditation, the practice of asanas as well as helps to concentrate and keep balance. The right asanas make the muscles strong and, at the same time, massage internal organs. Hatha yoga is an excellent option for the beginners and physically weak people: slow tempo, relaxation, breathing exercises, basic poses make this type perfect for someone who would like to lose weight and get fit.

Ashtanga yoga

This is a dynamic type requiring physical fitness. Doing Ashtanga yoga, you involve all your muscles. Ashtanga helps you improve your posture and tone the body making it more flexible and enduring.

Ashtanga yoga is the best type for people who are aimed at weight loss. As contrasted to calming and relaxing Kundalini yoga, Ashtanga is a more challenging type which can help you build a flexible, strong body. It’s suggested you to choose another type if you have never been engaged in sport.

Power yoga

This yoga style is suitable for energetic people with a good physical fitness. This is an intense workout taking its roots in Ashtanga. Doing Power yoga, you have to move fast practicing a variety of asanas which promote weight loss. Power yoga is known for the ability to make the body more toned, powerful and enduring due to a lot of cardio exercises.

Vinyasa yoga

yoga styles

This is one of the most dynamic yoga styles. Vinyasa has a lot in common with Ashtanga yoga, however the first type is more energetic and dynamic one. Vinyasa will not only help you lose weight, but also make it possible for you to increase your muscle strength, become more relaxed and healthy.

It’s worth keeping in mind yoga is not just about exercise – its main purpose is to help people free their mind and find harmony, not burn calories and lose weight.

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