DIY Trends to Try This Season

This season, do-it-yourself (DIY) fashion has gone from a money-saving hobby to a high-fashion trend. Designers are emerging with collections that include DIY-inspired clothing made to look like fashionistas slaved away at home creating perfectly unique details on garments from denim jackets to pants and shoes. These embellishments include pop art patches and sparkling pins that make classic garments stand out. Check out some of the hottest DIY trends below!


Patchwork Pride

It comes as no surprise that the eclectic Alice+Olivia was one of the brands to popularize this trend in its ‘70s-inspired Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear collection. Models stood tall in bell bottom jeans embroidered with bright designs in a patchwork style along the leg. This detailing was consistent throughout the collection, putting a quirky homemade spin on beautifully made garments.           

Erica Chan Coffman @honestlywtf

Erica Chan Coffman @honestlywtf

For the naturally talented do-it-yourselfers, many designers also feature separate patches and pins to embellish garments at home with high-end details. Marc Jacobs recently promoted the DIY trend with #PatchMarc, a promo accompanied with an event hosted by Marc Jacobs and Nylon Magazine. Throughout the promotion, shoppers who bought a Marc Jacobs tee online received three patches for free. The #PatchMarc event was scattered with Marc Jacobs patches in designs such as MJ logos and Dorothy’s famous red slippers, channeling the fantasy world of The Wizard of Oz. These patches gave a high-fashion touch to DIY art.  
Anya Hindmarch All-Over Stickers Maxi Zip Satchel, $2,250,

Anya Hindmarch All-Over Stickers Maxi Zip Satchel, $2,250,

Patchwork and embellishments aren’t the only two things setting off the pop art trend in fashion. London-based designer Anya Hindmarch is famous for her “sticker” handbags. The bags are famously created to look as though they are covered in pop art stickers, making simple bags stand out from other brands. Designers emulating a similar handbag style are Coach and Dolce & Gabbana. Coach’s Fall 2016 collection also featured sticker and patchwork style handbags, while D&G stayed true to its feminine look with sparkling jewel tone embellishments.             

All About Pop Style

The pop style trend may be featured on designer runways, but it is slowly making its way to the masses with DIY tutorials and a spot in larger chain stores. Get your own patches, pins, and stickers at Free People in true do-it-yourself fashion or buy pre-embellished pieces at stores such as ASOS and Etsy.

Free People Mega Pin Set of 7, $20,

Free People Mega Pin Set of 7, $20,

DIY pieces can go from trendy to tacky if not styled correctly. Be sure to choose just one embellished garment as a statement piece to pair with a simple outfit. Try patched jeans and jackets with a simple black or white tee, or even a LBD under an embellished jacket to wear out. The same goes for pop-inspired handbags. Opt for a simpler look without patterns to avoid visionary overload. Whether you choose to create these pieces at home or buy designer, the DIY style is one to adopt this fall.
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