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3 of the Best Leather Belts for Men to Wear

3 of the Best Leather Belts for Men to Wear

Leather belts for men always make a great Fathers Day gift.  Leather has been around nearly as long as people have even though leather is less popular than ever before.  Some may see this as a victory for animal rights, but it’s not.  Leather is often a byproduct of the meat industry. When a cow is killed for meat, the hide is harvested to be made into leather, which means cows aren’t usually killed exclusively for leather.

Some high-end brands like the ones at Eazybelt may depend solely on leather, but in most cases, leather isn’t lucrative enough to support a farm on its own. It also doesn’t make any sense to sell just one part of a cow if you can sell multiple.  This means that if you eat meat, buying leather may be more ethical than boycotting it. With that in mind, we’ll talk about some of the best leather belts in the paragraphs below.

1. Levi’s Reversible Jean Belt

Much like Dickies, Levi’s products are fairly affordable. This reversible belt costs around $20, which isn’t a bad price for a decent leather product. Plus, since it’s reversible,  this belt can be worn twice without feeling like you’re re-wearing clothes.

In terms of ethics, Levi’s is a decent company. It uses leather, down, and wool in its products. This may sound bad, but leather is usually made from meat cows. Three-quarters of all down in the world is made from geese who are harvested for their meat.  Shearing sheep doesn’t harm them at all. In fact, it prevents them from getting overheated, so they need to be sheared to survive.

The only word of warning has to do with leather. A lot of leather from many companies is touted as ‘genuine leather,’ which means that the leather is sourced from animals, though not always cows.

2. Dockers Men’s Casual Belt

Dockers are known for being a classic brand that goes with almost any outfit. They’re also fairly affordable, costing less than $30 at most, and has a reputation for being durable.

Dockers aim to make sustainable goods, and they’re doing quite well at it. In terms of animal treatment, they’re similar to Levi’s.

3. ColsenKeane Belts

ColsenKeane hand crafted leather goods are known for making high-quality leather products. They make full-grain leather goods that are completely unique and meant to last a lifetime or more. They take pride in the fact that their leather goods will last long enough to hand down to the next generation and maybe the next.

Full-grain is the highest quality leather available, and ColsenKeane sources all of its leather from tanneries in the United States to help provide the best leather belts they can. It’s definitely worth looking into if you want something with a story.

The Best Leather Belts for Men

Choosing the best leather belts can be a challenge because everybody has different standards that help mark something as the best. We’ve mentioned a few of our favorites in the paragraphs above, but it’s definitely worth looking into others. You might want to do more research and decide for yourself.

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