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Top 10 Makeup Sponge Mistakes

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The Right Technique:  Are you guilty of making one of these top 10 makeup sponge mistakes?  For a while, the squishy makeup sponge applicators, particularly the ones included in a foundation compact, had a rather bad reputation. They took a long time to blend the product on a person’s face. The rectangular shape of the sponges made it virtually impossible to navigate the tricky creases around the eyes and nose, and they only lasted about seven days before the material started to fall apart.

This all ended rather quickly when innovators in the beauty industry came up with a better shape, design, and makeup sponge that worked more effectively than the standard white rectangle that was available before. Today, makeup sponges, including Beauty Junkees Makeup Blender Sponges, are highly effective when used properly. Unfortunately, mistakes are still made and, usually, these are user errors. Getting to know what some of the most common mistakes are is the best way to avoid them.

Makeup Sponge Mistakes

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  1. Using the Sponge While it Is Dry

Reading the small instructions included on the back of the makeup sponge packaging is the last thing someone wants to do when they purchase a new beauty blender. However, don’t overlook one essential step: soaking the sponge in water. This is what activates the unique material. If a person tries to use it dry, instead of the makeup adhering to the face, it will be absorbed by the sponge.

The cool thing about the modern beauty blenders is that it will expand to about 50 percent the total size when it is used while wet. This allows the sponge to apply a streak-free finish and ensure no makeup is wasted. Just make sure to squeeze the sponge gently so it is not dripping with water.

  1. Using a Sponge Properly While It’s Dry
Makeup Sponge Mistakes

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The tip of a dry sponge can be used to concentrate concealer in a specific area for a touchup. It is also possible to use a dry sponge in areas where too much bronzer or blush is present. It will help to soften the color. It is similar to a magic eraser for makeup.

  1. Applying Foundation on the Sponge

When using a liquid foundation, try to squeeze a couple of drops on the back of the hand and then dab a sponge on top of it. It ensures the product is not wasted and will provide a more even layer of coverage with the makeup.

  1. The Sponge Dries as a Person Moves to Other Parts of the Face

As a person smooths out their foundation to other parts of their face, it is essential to keep the sponge as moist as possible. It is possible to do this by keeping some water nearby or by filling a plastic travel spray bottle with some water and spraying it onto the makeup sponge. That will keep things easy.

  1. Makeup is Applied in a Sweeping Motion

The sponge provides a streak-free application when it is pressed into the skin. Don’t swipe it back and forth across the face. The dapping motion with the sponge will help to imitate the texture of the natural skin and make it easier to build the coverage. Failure to apply makeup properly will result in subpar results, so keep this in mind.

  1. Using too Much Pressure

One of the best things about beauty blender sponges is that they will do all the work for someone. There is no need to use too much pressure. With a wet sponge, the coverage will remain even and sheer while ensuring easy application. All a person should have to do is blend gently.

  1. Not Handling the Sponge Properly

The modern makeup sponge can be torn pretty easily. Gently pinch or squeeze it to remove any excess water. Never try to wring it out. Doing this may cause it to rip, which means a replacement much be purchased.

  1. Not Cleaning it Properly

It is a good idea to use fragrance-free, anti-bacterial dish soap to help emulsify the sponge in some warm water. Clean it in the palm of the hand until it is fully saturated. At this point, use smaller, circular motions to remove the makeup under a stream of lukewarm water. Gently squeeze away any remaining suds and then lay it down to dry on a paper towel.

Makeup Sponge Mistakes

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  1. Not Cleaning it Enough

Most people don’t clean their makeup tools as often as they should because they don’t think about it. However, makeup sponges are extremely absorbent. This means it is necessary to be more diligent about cleaning the sponge regularly. Ideally, a Beauty-blender should be cleaned after each use. It requires a bit more TLC than a typical makeup brush. To rinse it quickly, just run it under warm water until the water runs clear.

  1. Tossing the Sponge in a Makeup Bag

Don’t get bugs on the sponge. This can happen if it isn’t allowed to dry after being used. Be sure to store the sponge in an area where it can dry out completely and where mold and bacteria won’t begin to grow in it. After all, if this happens, it may cause breakouts. If traveling, it is a good idea to store the makeup sponge in a ventilated pouch rather than a plastic or makeup bag. This will ensure the makeup sponge can dry and breathe.

Bonus Tip: Not Replacing the Sponge Often Enough

Depending on how often the sponge is used, it may be necessary to replace it frequently. If the sponge has lost its vibrancy, begins to fall apart, or accumulates too many products, it is time to replace it. Investing in one new sponge a month is a good way to keep things safe, but with proper care, this can be stretched to two months.

Knowing the rules to follow with a makeup sponge is the best way to ensure it continues doing its job, which is applying makeup flawlessly. Be sure to avoid the mistakes here, which will minimize the issues that may arise if they aren’t followed.

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