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Spruce Up Your Look With These Spring/Summer Trends

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Today we want to show you how to spruce up your look with these amazing summer fashion trends for 2022. This Summer and Spring seasons have some of the best trends we have seen in ages. We see the return of some 2000s favorites, a few unique color palettes, and some eclectic designs and cuts. If you are unsure which trends to pick or which ones suit you best, The DOM has you covered. These are the best Spring/Summer trends for 2022. 

Micro Skirts

Mini skirts have been a firm favorite for years, but 2022 is the year for the micro skirt. Whether it’s in silk, linen, leather, or any other material of your choice, the shortcut is perfect for those hot days and is incredibly easy to dress up for a night out. 

Baggy Jeans

Summer fashion trends for 2022

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Baggy jeans were a one-time thing back in the day, and recently they were seen as the jeans your mom does gardening in. However, this has changed completely, and baggy jeans are not only simple and versatile garments, but their loose nature means you can wear them even on warm days. 

Low Waists

Another early 2000s trend that was a staple for every Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera music video is low-cut skirts and pants. While they swiftly disappeared, they are back and better than ever.  While some of these items may seem too casual, it is really easy to dress them up for a night on the town with a blazer or a simple yet stylish top. 

Pleated Skirts

A surprising addition to recent runway shows was the explosion in popularity of the pleated skirt. The best thing about a pleated skirt is how few rules there are; with so many colors, materials, and patterns to choose from; it’s a chance to go crazy and pick up a few for any and every occasion. 

Liquid Metals

Liquid metals aren’t just for make-up, and soft silvers and golds have become one of the most popular color palettes this season. This palette is also brilliant to build an outfit around or be used as a way to accentuate your outfit. 

 If the bright and loud colors aren’t for you, opt for a pair of shoes, a bag, or even something far more straightforward like a bracelet or earrings. 

The 2000s

As you can tell already, 2022 is the new 2002 for fashion: mini skirts, low cut jeans, bright colors; if it was popular in the early 2000s, you are almost guaranteed to find it on a runway or red carpet somewhere. 

To take it to the next step, combine your Y2K item with something more modern, especially if you don’t really enjoy the early 2000s Teen Vogue look. 


Before you scroll, knits aren’t just for your grandmother or your hippy weird. Especially nowadays, knits have been taken to the next level, and you can find some incredibly stylish knitted skirts and tops. 

Loose knits are perfect for Summer, too, as you can still get the coverage and look that you want, but it is breathable, light, and won’t leave you feeling too hot. 

Cut-Out Dresses

The biggest problem with Summer is not being able to wear all the best Winter clothes, with one of the most popular ones being a dress. The solution? Picking up a sleek and stylish cut-out dress

You get the same shape and lines of a form-fitting dress, but the cut-outs not only show off a little bit of skin but keep you cool and comfortable no matter the weather. 

Oversized Bag

Now the go-to accessory for the season, big and bulky oversized bags. While they aren’t for everyone, and some could find them unnecessary, they are actually rather versatile and practical, considering the season. 

Some Summer months have a wide range of seasons, and you don’t want to be caught off-guard. A large bag allows you to carry a jacket or shawl, a hat, or even a change of clothes if you hit the beach at some point. 

Crop Tops

Crop tops are another item back in fashion. They are the quintessential Summer item that can be worn for brunch, at the beach, and paired with a blazer for a super-stylish date night look. While they aren’t necessarily for everyone, they can suit almost any taste, from bohemian to grunge. 


Summer fashion trends for 2022White is another color that has come to the fore and has definitely never left. White has always been viewed as the go-to color for Summer as it’s light and cool yet still super-elegant and sleek. 

Whether it is a simple white t-shirt, white pants, or shoes, everyone should have a few white garments in their closet when Spring and Summer come around. 


Another look that isn’t for everyone but is definitely on-trend is the hyper-feminine look. Purples and pinks, skirts, dresses, frills, and heels are all the name of the game. It’s the best way to add some pastels to your wardrobe, as well as a flowy and whimsical feel. 

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