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Leather jackets are usually the number one item every fashionista basically NEEDS in their closet. Another thing you might want to add? A leather tee. Hear me out! I know you may be thinking, “Leather only looks good during a girls’ night out and in a nice, form-fitting skirt or dress.” This new trend may break everything you ever thought of before. Don’t believe me? Check out Brazilian Fashion Designer ALEXANDRINO’s latest ARTWEAR collection, and see for yourself. We can’t be the only ones swooning over these tees!
Rayza Garcia de Carvalho, the designer behind the Los Angeles-based brand ALEXANDRINO, debuted her F/W 2015 Ready to Wear collection along with the unique ARTWEAR collection. “Inspired by the designer’s Brazilian heritage, ALEXANDRINO puts forth both an effortless edge while classic [collection],” states the designer’s website. We completely agree.
It’s the authenticity of the tee that caught our attention. Each piece is hand-painted by a selected artist. ALEXANDRINO provides the canvas, but it’s the artists who make it truly unique. So far, designs from both artists Gretal Joffroy and Evan Mendel are sold out, but there are more to see soon from artist Kevin Spring and Rob Hill. In a previous interview, Rayza said, “Each shirt has a different emotion so it all becomes extremely unique, making it impossible to find two of the same. The artists change the colors and brush strokes with each creation. You can then see that no piece is like the other one, and you can see the painting styles and emotions of each artist through the shirts.”
You’re guaranteed you’ll never end up wearing the same thing as someone else ever again once you purchase one. What do you say? Don’t you think it’s time to give it a chance?
Check out the latest collections over at to see how you can get your hands on one. Oh, P.S. Once they’re gone, they’re really gone. So it’s best you get your debit card out now while you’re at it!
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Photos Courtesy of ALEXANDRINO

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