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Cliché: You’ve been the host and announcer of several different sporting events over the course of your career—everything from live horse racing to kickboxing. Is it safe to assume that you’re very into sports?
Nicky Whelan: I grew up with horse racing in my family [as well as] boxing, so to be able to work in both sports was a dream. I’m still a huge boxing and UFC fan and am just now getting into American football. My granddad, Marcus Whelan, played for Collingwood AFL football in Australia and won the Brownlow Medal back in the day. It’s a big deal in our family! Australian Rules is a great sport!
Did you play any sports growing up?
I was a swimmer and a very serious dancer growing up. When I got a little older, I got into kickboxing.
In your early 20’s, you created a health show called Melbourne Woman; what inspired you to start this series? Do you personally swear by a healthy lifestyle?
It was such a great program. I was always very active and motivated and relatively healthy, but over the years I’ve become a massive believer that a healthy mind is a crucial foundation for everything. Working on yourself is a daily practice. I now eat much healthier in my life than ever before! The inner glow of a happy person is the most beautiful thing. Eating clean and being active is so important.
What led you into the world of acting? Was it an easy transition from your hosting gigs?
I always wanted to be an actress, but I was fortunate to become a host first. [It allowed me the] opportunity to be cast on the show Neighbours. The transition was smooth, but I work every day on my acting and will continue to do so!

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