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Serinda Swan Interview

Born to a family of artists, Serinda Swan was pretty much destined for the limelight since day one. Despite her showbiz foundation, stunning good looks, and unquestionable talent, her road was not an easy one. Because she was a young girl growing up in an industry where fitting the mold is how you make it “big,” Swan’s individuality proved to be quite a setback. Being turned down time and again from the business she so ardently sought to be a part of was, of course, disheartening—particularly to a little girl with big dreams. Though she turned away from the world of acting to focus on a competitive gymnastics career, her true passion never died. On the contrary, it only grew as the years passed. Soon enough, she found herself breaking the mold and back on the set.
One might say that those early obstacles actually became her strengths. While embracing her unique-ness, Serinda Swan has surpassed those Hollywood expectations, proving that a super fit brunette can kick just as much butt as a voluptuous blonde; just ask her Graceland costars. Her character, Paige Arkin, might be super sexy with brains to match, but she definitely packs a punch that’ll get even the hardest criminal to cooperate! Let’s not forget about her role as Erica Reed on Breakout Kings, a woman with a difficult past and a professional at both committing and hiding brutal crimes. With more than a handful of titles under her belt, it is clear that Swan can play any role in any genre, even those that aren’t necessarily her typecast. More importantly, she’s up for the challenge. This dedicated beauty actually welcomes parts that she wouldn’t normally play, and looks forward to taking chances to show off her versatility. This desire to break boundaries applies to all parts of her life. There’s no limit for the woman who cycled across Cambodia, put nets up in Africa, and skydived from 18,000 feet in the air (the highest jump in all of North America)—all in the name of charity. Both a generous humanitarian and a diligent actress, Serinda Swan is the kind of woman you really just can’t say “no” to and get away with it. 

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Photographer: Quavondo; Stylist: Ja’Niya Walker; Makeup: Iris Moreau; Hair: Lucie Doughty

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