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Nicky Whelan Interview

At a mere 33 years old, actress Nicky Whelan has done more on television and film than many actors will perform in their lifetime. After becoming “The Face of Night Racing” while hosting horse races in Australia, she went on to expand her career from television presence to both professional modeling and sports announcing. All roads led to what she had always dreamed of doing—acting. After all of her hosting and modeling success, Whelan was able to land a couple of roles on both film and television, most notably the very funny Pepper Steiger in Neighbours. The show was a big hit in the United Kingdom, and the beginning of a huge career for Whelan. From Australia, to the U.K., to right here in America, the actress has truly left her stamp in show business.
Not only has she landed roles on hit television shows such as Scrubs, Chosen, and the hilarious Franklin & Bash, but she is also no stranger to the world of Hollywood film. How could we forget her hysterical role opposite Owen Wilson in Hall Pass? Most aspiring actors would say that this is the start of a good career. In actuality, this is the start of a great career! Whelan’s undeniable talent has quickly allowed her to escalate on the Hollywood ladder, landing one lead role after the other. But don’t be mistaken! While Whelan loves her busy career, it can’t be easy starring in multiple upcoming projects (Matador premieres July 15 on El Rey Network and Left Behind will be in theaters October 3). Her belief in a “healthy mind” and devotion to the craft allows her to find a balance within the chaos, and let’s face it—it never feels like work when you’re doing what you love. As a successful and incredibly versatile actress, Nicky Whelan is a force to be reckoned with. More importantly, she is the perfect example of how hard work truly does pay off.
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