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“General Hospital” Star Sydney Mikayla Talks Joining the Legendary Soap

“General Hospital” Star Sydney Mikayla Talks Joining the Legendary Soap

Actress Sydney Mikayla found her breakout role playing the titular Olympian in The Gabby Douglas Story. She recently joined the cast of General Hospital as Trina Robinson, a straight-laced teen whose relationship with her father could be described as complicated at best. Sydney is confident that she can handle anything the acting world throws at her…just don’t ask her to be your apocalypse survival buddy! Follow Sydney on Instagram and Twitter.

Cliché: Do you remember when you got the acting bug?
Sydney Mikayla: I really felt like I caught the acting bug when I did The Gabby Douglas Story in 2014. Even though I had been acting since I was five, when I did this movie, I just felt everything click! Getting to train and meet Gabby herself, working with Regina King, and meeting friends who I would watch grow into major superstars (like Riele Downs) really made me want to continue working within the industry. I knew the memories from the experiences I had in Canada would last me a lifetime and I could not wait to continue having those new and fun experiences in the future.

If you had to pick one moment that you would describe as the highlight of your acting career so far, what would it be and why?
One of the highlights I think would be playing Ashlyn on the set of Fuller House. Live studio audiences are almost extinct in the world of comedy, so being able to do a show with a live studio audience, hearing the cheers and warmth of laughter from real human beings just felt so inviting. This was an experience I was really grateful to have before COVID-19 took over.

You had the opportunity to train under actress Wendy Raquel Robinson. What would you say is the most valuable piece of advice she gave you?
Just one? Wow, that would be entirely too hard to choose. She taught me so much, from how important it is to be timely to each and every job opportunity to dressing like your character in rehearsals and even auditions. I think the most important quality she taught each and every one of her students was how to be professional. She shared that life on set is not always easy, and sometimes requires more patience than you may think. But because of the discipline she provided, her students have gone on to Broadway, to write and produce their own shows, and create their own fashion brands featured in New York Fashion Week. I just hope to continue the legacy.

You’re on General Hospital! How does it feel to be involved with such an iconic show?
It feels absolutely incredible to be a part of the GH family. General Hospital has so much amazing history and it’s so interesting when the writers decide to bring back previous characters on the show. Working here definitely keeps me on my toes and I just love how the fans are so invested in the show.

Tell us about your character, Trina Robinson.
Trina is an 18-year-old straight-A student, with a passion for track and a love for art. She is a great friend, a reliable daughter, and a trusted intern. In Port Charles, Trina finds friendship, an art mentor and her then dead and now alive father. Whether Trina’s being kidnapped or simply going to a school dance with her friends, her determination to find the truth always makes her such a fun and feisty character to play.



Are you excited about where Trina’s arc is headed?
Absolutely! I really can’t wait to see if Trina will ever forgive her father, and how that will all play out. I know that she has always looked up to her father, and so she feels deeply betrayed and hurt by him. Hopefully Trina will forgive him soon so we can see more of the father daughter bonding time that the audience loves.

How does it feel to be able to work with Maura West?
Incredible! She recently told me to check out The Wilds, a new TV show on Amazon, and watch and learn from the actors on screen. It’s just another example of how Maura always shares her wonderful expertise and inspires me to become a better actor. Her professionalism and beauty makes her truly wonderful to work with and watch on screen.

You also star as Wolf in Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, which is about a post-apocalyptic adventure. What’s your post-apocalyptic survival strategy? Who and what would you bring with you?
This may be a bit morbid, but I think I would just die. Think about it, constantly getting chased everyday by talking animals? I wouldn’t be able to survive like Wolf did. I think I would just try to get some extra food, and if I happen to get eaten, so be it. It seems like too much work to try to outrun everything in order to stay alive. The stress would probably kill you anyway.

What kinds of roles would you want to tackle over the next few years?
Recently, I worked with the director of Disney Channel’s Sky High. He said that one day there might be a sequel to that movie, so I would be super pumped if I could play a leading role in that movie. Besides that, I would love to be in an August Wilson movie adaptation of his work. I just started getting into his plays, and I would love to be in one of those films and work with Viola Davis. I would also love to be on Broadway someday.

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“General Hospital” Star Sydney Mikayla Talks Joining the Legendary Soap. Photo Credit: Jim Warren.

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