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3 of the Most Over-the-Top Celebrity Weddings

Today we want to share 3 of the most over-the-top celebrity weddings. From sprawling extravagant homes to biting Twitter feuds, “over the top” is a term you associate with many aspects of a lavish celebrity lifestyle. Weddings, a thrilling day in anyone’s life, is the tip of the luxury iceberg. For some celebs, it’s all about the spectacle, with elaborate themed decorations and multiple designer dresses, while others focus on the smaller but equally opulent details, such as striking men’s wedding rings or generous party gifts. Let’s look at some of the most over-the-top celebrity weddings in recent years.

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1.     Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra

The youngest of the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas, married Priyanka Chopra, one of India’s highest-paid entertainers in December 2018 in a lavish three-day extravaganza that combined Christian and Hindu traditions. At the Christian ceremony, Priyanka wore a custom Ralph Lauren gown with a 75ft. train while Nick rocked up to the Hindu ceremony on a highly decorated horse carrying a traditional sword.

Some of the most over-the-top features of this colorful wedding were the gifts the groom presented to the bridesmaids: a tray of diamond rings, one for each bridesmaid. These generous gifts were part of the Joota Chupai, a ritual that sees the bride’s closest female friends and family hide the groom’s traditional Indian embroidered shoes called “joota.” To get his shoes back, the groom has to pay the bridesmaids or “sisters.” While Priyanka’s sisters were ready to milk Nick for a fair bit of cash, he shocked them all with his sparkling offering.

The couple included everyone in their multicultural wedding by giving their guests two books: Indian Weddings for Dummies and Western Weddings for Dummies. The books were part of a pile of presents given to each guest, which included towels monogrammed with the couple’s initials and sweet Indian treats.

On the subject of desserts, Chonas, the popular portmanteau of the couple’s names, put other celebrity wedding cakes to shame with their seven-tier, 18ft. tall confection designed to look like a towering gold and ivory palace complete with windows and spiraling columns.

The whole outrageous celebration was topped off with a huge fireworks display, for which Priyanka received a lot of criticism. She had previously taken part in a campaign pleading with Hindus not to set off fireworks or firecrackers at Diwali, India’s festival of lights, due to their negative impact on the environment, animals, and asthmatics like her. But a wedding is a wedding, right?

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2.     Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas

It would be remiss to talk about over-the-top celebrity weddings without including a good old-fashioned themed wedding, and Napster co-founder Sean Parker’s magical woodland wedding to singer-songwriter Alexandra Lenas is an elaborate example. The Lord-of-the-Rings-inspired fantasy wedding took place in Big Sur, California, in 2013, under majestic 500-year-old redwoods, which were decorated with thousands of twinkle lights, intricate wooden archways, and an aisle of white rose petals.

The groom, who took on the wedding as a personal project, hired set designers to build faux castle ruins, a 10ft. Celtic cross, arched bridges, and Roman columns. Lord of the Rings costume designer Ngila Dickson designed medieval outfits for each of the 364 guests, which included Emma Watson and Sting. As if that weren’t whimsical enough, pens of rabbits, goats, and a pony were set up for any guests to pet.

The wedding, which is rumored to have cost $10 million, was torn apart online by critics who felt it was an ostentatious display of tech-wealth that was damaging to the ancient forest, claims which the bride and groom deny. The backlash even resulted in the couple being spat at in the street by strangers. Whatever the truth, these unique and personal nuptials will go down in celeb wedding history.

the most over-the-top celebrity weddings

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3.     Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

The Kardashians are famous for their outrageous lifestyles, and their weddings are no exception. While Kim’s 2014 wedding to Kanye West was incredibly lavish, her first wedding, where she married former NBA star Kris Humphries, was even more excessive.

This wedding was all about the wedding dress, or, rather, wedding dresses. Not only did the bride wear three different gowns during the celebration, but her bridesmaids also wore white mermaid wedding gowns as bridesmaid’s dresses, all designed by Vera Wang. The groom wasn’t left out, as he had his own costume change, switching his white Ermenegildo Zegna tux for a black one.

The wedding had a black and white color scheme, with all the guests wearing black and white looks, including Robin Thicke, who serenaded the couple with a mash-up of “Let’s Stay Together” and “Angel” as they took their first dance. Even the 6ft. tall wedding cake stuck to the theme. Kim reportedly received $1 million from E! to broadcast the wedding on live TV, but, despite the ostentatious celebrations, the couple split after just 72 days.

The Secret Weddings

Some celebrities forgo the excessive nuptials for secret ceremonies, but somehow, when these weddings are finally announced, they make more of a splash than even the most public of weddings. Some of these weddings include those of Beyonce and Jay-Z, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, and Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, whose nuptials may not have been broadcast on live TV but were certainly hotly debated in the press.

One such couple is Cardi B and Offset, who didn’t reveal they had gotten secretly married until nine months later. Instead of designer dresses and tuxes, the couple is said to have worn tracksuits during the ceremony, in a very un-celebrity-like move.

However, they found a way to bring a touch of celebrity ostentation with their choice of wedding rings; particularly, Offset’s dramatic iced-out piece. The wedding ring, which features an emerald cut stone set on Pavé diamonds that go all the way around, was given to him by his fiancée and cost $750,000.

Over-the-Top Inspiration

Looking at photos of over the top celebrity weddings is a great way to escape into the weird and wonderful world of the rich and famous, even if their choice of designer gowns, lavish decor, and larger-than-life cakes isn’t your personal style. However, you never know when you might just find some inspiration for your own nuptials, whether those are multiple wedding gowns, extravagant bridal party gifts, or one-of-a-kind custom men’s wedding rings.

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