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Cynthia Bailey Teams Up with Seagram’s Escapes for a Festive Halloween Cocktail

Cynthia Bailey loves dressing up for Halloween. “I like to go all out and really be creative,” she says. “My favorite costume to date is when I dressed up as 50Cent/50Cynt for my 50th birthday.” And you can’t have Halloween without a tasty beverage. “I think all holidays are the perfect time for festive drinks. Halloween is one of my favorites because of the fun costumes and parties. No party is complete without a delicious cocktail.” Cynthia and Seagram’s Escapes have scared up the latest Halloween specialty cocktail, Spooky Sangria. It’s the ideal drink for Halloween. “The Seagram’s Escapes SPOOKY SANGRIA is fun, festive, perfectly Halloween themed and delicious. It is super easy to make but looks like you really went all out! Between the tasty bloody rim & the apple figured ghosts, your party guest will be impressed.” Plus, you can customize it to your own personal taste. “I like to add additional fruit. I love green grapes and watermelon. I also like to add a couple of shots of vodka.”
Cynthia has regal plans for this Halloween! “I am dressing up as one of the ladies from the hit TV series, Bridgerton. It is one of my favorite shows, and as an actress I would love to be casted on the show. I love period pieces and it was so fun to transform into one of the characters. I went all out!” With her drink in hand, she’ll doubtless feel like royalty. Check out Seagram’s Escapes HERE.

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Cynthia Bailey Teams Up with Seagram’s Escapes for a Festive Halloween Cocktail. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Cynthia Bailey.

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