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Nia and Justice Faith are Building the Next Generation of Youth Changemakers

Nia and Justice Faith are Building the Next Generation of Youth Changemakers

Young girls have plenty to navigate through, as anyone who has been or loved a teenager can attest. But what if you had to work twice as hard just to fit into your passion? Nia Faith had experienced the unnecessary labor of exclusion as a dancer of color and was galvanized to launch a fashion utopia. “Growing up as a Black ballerina, I would go shopping with my friends,” she remembers. “They would be able to purchase their dancewear and go straight to class, whereas I would have to go home and dye everything, because there was nothing available for dancers of color. At 12 years old, I met Misty Copeland and she spoke about how she also had to dye her dancewear. Misty’s words inspired me to make my dream of a more inclusive dance world a reality.” She saw a deserving and underserved market and did not hesitate.  “At 17, I launched The Rév Shop as the country’s first inclusive dancewear company. The response from dancers of color who were excited by no longer having to dye their apparel gave me the motivation to consider how representation and empowerment could help other young people start their own revolutions and make a difference across causes. Our clothing is inspired by many diverse dancers made up of beautiful individuals of all colors, sizes, and genres of dance and our goal is for everyone to feel seen, represented, and celebrated.” 

Nia’s older sister, Justice, was so impressed that she reinvented her career in order to help provide other youth a platform for change through her company, Révolutionnaire. “I was inspired by seeing how Nia sparked a revolution in the dance world,” Justice says. “I wanted all young people with a dream to be able to start their own revolutions and make a difference. This motivated me to quit my corporate job at McKinsey and Company in the middle of the pandemic to grow Révolutionnaire into a movement, empowering youth with the tools needed to make an impact. Together, we are committed to building a future where every young person is equipped to make their communities and our world better.”

Nia and Justice transformed their lifelong commitment to advocacy into a broader social phenomenon. “Raised on service and activism, we, as young Black women, were instilled with a powerful sense of purpose,” they explain. “Our parents exposed us to ways to make a difference, big or small. Sometimes, that meant joining protests. Other times, it meant giving back during the holidays instead of receiving. We know that the time for incremental change is over and urgent action is needed to secure our futures.” Like most of Gen Z, they are keenly aware that the clock ticks louder with each passing minute. “Our generation feels a deep responsibility to not only build a future for ourselves, but a sustainable and equitable one for all. The stakes are high, and we can’t wait any longer.  That’s why we founded this youth-led movement. We’re coming together to fight for our futures and calling on public and private sector leaders to join us.”

The two sisters helm a variety of initiatives intended to spotlight the efforts of fellow youth activists. It’s possible to make an impact right now. “We believe in the power of education, action, and amplification. Through raising awareness about social and environmental justice causes, providing concrete ways to take action, and amplifying the work of young changemakers who are leading these efforts around the world, we are inspiring a movement of people who are empowered to lead and tackle the urgent issues of our time. Every day, we have conversations with phenomenal young leaders, whether it’s an aerospace engineer in Tokyo wanting to make space travel more inclusive or a woman in Ohio building technology for clean water in India and Nepal. We are inspired by our peers to make a difference daily. Our series, Meet A Revolutionary, Climate Conversations, Be Revolutionary, and our podcast Spark by Révolutionnaire are all platforms to amplify the voices of Gen Z, affirming that we are experts in our experiences and must be heard on the topics that will directly impact the future we inherit.”

Nia and Justice will be stepping into their latest role in just a few days. “Building on the 25-year legacy of the Butterfly Ball in Support of Boost Child and Youth Advocacy Centre, we are honored to be the inaugural co-chairs for AFTER THE BALL to raise vital funds for Boost CYAC. Boost provides support for child and youth victims of abuse all under one roof, from reporting the abuse to police, to providing medical exams, therapy, court prep, and support. We are proud to support this incredible organization and its mission that every child deserves to be safe. This June 20, AFTER THE BALL will bring together rising business leaders, tastemakers, and social changemakers in Toronto to support this important cause.” They are working tirelessly to ensure that the next wave of revolutionaries has all of the resources they need. “Change starts with education and extends to action. We created the RévCommunity with articles and action items regarding environmentalism, racial equity, housing security, food security, and more by young changemakers for young changemakers to give you the information you need to learn about these important causes and a wide range of action items for you to make a difference today. Education and action are amplified through community, which is why we encourage young people to connect with other like-minded changemakers to collaborate and scale their impact. Finally, there is nothing more important than your health. When dealing with serious and sometimes daunting causes, it is important to take a step back, focus on self-care, and recharge so that you can return to the movement with sustainability and long-term impact in mind. You can go to revolutionnaire.co to learn more and follow @revolutionnaire.co, @thejusticefaith and @niafaith on Instagram to stay up-to-date.” The power of tomorrow exists within each of us.

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Nia and Justice Faith are Building the Next Generation of Youth Changemakers. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Icon PR.

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