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Blair Walnuts Invites You to Laugh Your Way Through Life

Blair Walnuts Invites You to Laugh Your Way Through Life

Digital creator Blair Walnuts had a blast at New York Fashion Week. Amidst the euphoria, she could never forget her fans. “It was legendary,” she says. “Sitting front row at fashion shows made me delusional. I felt powerful, but I knew inside I was still the same clumsy silly walnut, just there to document my experience for my fans, who I consider family.” She wanted to shatter the illusion of fancy Instagram fashion week photos. “I’ve always cared deeply about my audience, so their ability to relate and understand the optics of the situation is important to me. Comparing yourself to incredibly wealthy influencers online sporting 100,000 limited edition bags and iced out watches will make you feel like you haven’t achieved enough. I don’t want people to compare themselves to almost impossible situations. Most of the time, the items are borrowed from stylists. Be happy and grateful for what you’ve achieved and don’t compare yourself.” Some may assume that as an influencer, Blair would be used to the camera, but she’s not – at least not at the frenzied fashion week pace. “Getting photographed by the paparazzi is such a confusing experience. I don’t understand how anyone has cute paparazzi photos – the angles, the lighting and speed at which they take the photos – it’s scary. Can I Facetune them before they publish?” She’s pretty tongue-in-cheek about using comic relief to discuss wide ranging issues. “People listen more when they’re entertained. Do you remember anything a boring person has ever said to you? No.”

On the subject of style, Blair has recently launched a second jewelry collaboration with En Route. “My second jewelry collection with En Route was inspired by incredibly expensive and designer pieces but making them affordable, wearable, and accessible to everyone! I chose trending colors, like gold and deep green to make them feel luxurious and classy.” She was eager to work with the company once again. “I know my strengths and they are design and marketing. En Route is incredibly good at understanding the vision and the vibe and making it come to life.” The goal is for everyone to feel amazing whenever they put on a piece of her jewelry, an experience Blair relishes. “It’s always such a pleasure seeing my jewelry in real life. I recently saw Amanda Steele wearing it at a NYFW event and she looked absolutely beautiful. I want all my customers to feel beautiful!” Unexpected hair loss also inspired her to create her own line of hair care products, Loveorie. “My hair was bleached off to the point it looked like I was intentionally trying to sport a Billy Ray Cyrus-style mullet. I’d always had such long and thick hair. I made so many jokes about how half of it could fall out and I wouldn’t even notice. Losing my hair made me incredibly empathetic to other women who struggle with hair loss. I made Loveorie hair oil out of organic vegan oils to stimulate hair growth, eliminate frizz, and make your hair smell like a delicious candy forest. It helped our customers feel so good. We have a full results page on our website.” When she’s not bringing customers joy, Blair wants to remind her fans that it’s important to laugh their way through everyday life because “nobody gets out alive. Might as well giggle about it.” Truer words of wisdom have never been spoken. 

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Blair Walnuts Invites You to Laugh Your Way Through Life. Photo Credit: @kimmconn.

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