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Dazzling Dancer and Actress Mollee Gray Talks About Her Role in ‘A Night to Regret’

Talk about seeing your future as a toddler. That was the case for the beautiful actress Mollee Gray, who is known for her role as “Giggles” in Disney’s Teen Beach franchise. Mollee always wanted to be a top-notch dancer and a professional actor when she was young. At 27 years old, she has already accomplished both major feats. Now, she can be seen in a new film on Lifetime called A Night to Regret, which premiered on June 24th. We chatted with Mollee about her character Chelsea, the experience working on the film and the key takeaways that fans should be looking out for in it. 


Cliché: What was your experience like working on A Night to Regret? What was your favorite part?

Mollee Gray: A Night to Regret was an emotional roller coaster every day on set! My character, Chelsea, went through so much throughout this film. Luckily, the entire cast and crew were incredible and made each day amazing. My favorite part was actually the chemistry reads during the audition process. Reading with so many different people for other roles was so much fun. I loved to see their take on the script!

How would you describe your character, Chelsea Bilson? Did you relate to her at all?

Chelsea Bilson is a passionate, intelligent, hard-working, survivor who gets wrapped up in a terrible situation by being a little too naive. I relate to her in her determination to go after her dreams. Chelsea is in law school but her true passion is filmmaking, and she does whatever she can to make sure she’s able to live that out.

Why do you think people should watch A Night to Regret? What do you hope viewers take away from it?

I think people should watch A Night to Regret because it’s so relevant in today’s society and to people’s use of social media. I hope after people watch, they are a little more careful about what they are choosing to put out on the internet. Always remember that once it’s out, it’s there forever and can end up in the wrong persons’ hands.

What inspired you to become an actress? How did you first get involved with acting?

I always loved theater growing up. Acting, dancing, and gymnastics was my life for so many years. Dance was just the first avenue of my career that seemed to excel the quickest.

What have been some of your favorite experiences in your career?

My favorite moment of my career was when we were filming High School Musical 2, and Kenny Ortega came up to me and said, “Mollee, do you have an agent?” Of course, I responded that I didn’t, so without hesitation, he got on his phone, called his agency, and told them I was a level 10 dancer and a star. Then, he mentioned to them that I needed to be signed with them right away. I was in shock! I couldn’t believe it, but that day was the day that my entire career started. Even though I had done previous work as a dancer, that was the moment that I knew I was good enough to do this for the rest of my life.

Is dance still a big part of your life?

I will always have a huge love for dance. I don’t do many commercial jobs anymore as I am primarily focused on my acting career, but I still travel around the world and teach whenever I can.

When you are not busy acting, what do you enjoy doing?

I love to take my dog, Stewie, to the dog park. I absolutely love to go to the ocean and I am a sucker for a day full of binge-watching television shows on my couch. 🙂

Are you currently working on any future projects you can tell us about?

I have two more movies coming out this year. They are The Reliant and The Favorite, so stay tuned!


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Dazzling Dancer and Actress Mollee Gray Talks About Her Role in ‘A Night to Regret’. Image Credits: Jeka Jane

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