Great Gifts for Bridal Parties

gifts for bridal parties

Have you ever considered what might be some great gifts for bridal parties? Somewhere between your amazing hen party and the wedding is a little lul.  A gap in time that is filled with nerves and emotions. Travel and trepidation. However, it is the perfect time to spend a few hours with each person in your bridal party if possible.  Of course, all wedding attendees get favors, and that is very sweet. In fact, most people give bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts because it is pretty traditional but if you have the room in your budget – both time and financial, then give them a little something extra.

gifts for bridal parties

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Here are a few great gifts for bridal parties to help you give something they will never forget.

Soft & Fuzzy

The people you love the most you want to have the most delicate and most beautiful things in their lives – and if you can be the one to give them that is ideal. Bridesmaid robes are usually worn by the whole group for most of the week after the hen party, and certainly the morning of the wedding. Make a point to give yours individually. Make sure that you get the right size and length – some people like them oversized and long, others don’t. Get some matching fluffy slippers and socks, with a silk headband too. The ultimate in comfort.

gifts for bridal parties

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Putting together a skincare pack is a really great touch. You don’t have to buy the expensive stuff, in fact, you could actually opt for homemade if you have the time to make it. Try and stick to natural ingredients so that you minimize the risk of setting off a breakout before the wedding. Watermelon is a great one for giving your group a super dose of moisture. An overnight mask, 15-minute sheet mask, clay masks, lip masks, and under-eye patches are amazing and won’t break the bank – a lip balm is also a great idea.


Something to put everything in is a must. You can find some great printed tote bags and personalised makeup bags online which are cheaper the more you buy and usually excellent quality. You can fill the makeup bag with essentials like gum, mini mascara, translucent powder, bandaids, and more. It will be great for on the day of the wedding and to keep for afterward too. Another great tip is to add in boiled sweets!

Power Up

The week of a wedding can be so busy for the group of people who are helping you out, and on the day itself too. Picking up some portable chargers and pre-charging them to pop in the tote bag will mean no one will sadly run out of battery on the big day. Even though not many people will be making calls and texting, almost everyone will be taking photos.

Giving the little extras for people will mean that they are much likely to forgive any of those bridezilla moments you may have had, and they will have something that they can keep forever to remind them just how important they are to you.

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