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Smooth and Clear: 6 Tips for the Ultimate Skin Care Routine

Last year, 1.6 million Americans spent an average of $500 on skin care products.  Often, buying hundreds of dollars worth of new products is worse for your skin than if you simply didn’t buy any!   Are you tired of having itchy, cracked, or dry skin? The best thing you can do is develop a routine which works for your skin and sticks to it.  Check out this guide to learn 6 tips for the ultimate skin care routine:

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1. What is Your Skin Type?

Do you suffer from acne, psoriasis, dry skin, oily skin or sensitive skin? There are hundreds of skin types. So, what works for your friend won’t necessarily work for you.  By learning your skin type, you can make the search for products less daunting as you can skip anything that doesn’t target your issue.  It’s likely that you already know your skin type. But, if you don’t, there are clues to help you determine this information.  To work it out, wash your face and wait for half an hour. Does your skin feel tight? If so, you have dry skin. Does it feel oily? There’s your answer. If you have a bit of both, then your skin is the combination.

2. Exfoliate Your Skin Once a Day

3 Tips for the Ultimate Skin Care

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You can either exfoliate in the morning or at night. Many people choose to do this at night as it will rid your skin of dirt from the day.  By knowing your skin type, you can choose an exfoliator that works well for your skin by not drying it out or making it oily.   Why not choose this exfoliating body wash to make your whole body feel clean and soft when you get out of the shower?  It’s essential to do this only once per day to ensure you don’t strip your skin of its essential oils.

3. Consider Cleansing Twice a Day

To help you feel refreshed in the morning, why not try a cleanser. It’s worth buying one cleanser that’s right for your skin type and using it until you’ve finished the bottle.  If it does not appear to be working for your skin type, don’t move on to another right away. Instead, give your skin a break and use water as a cleanser and no product for a few weeks.  Once you’ve done this, it’s time to alternate and choose another cleanser.  This process may take some time but is worthwhile.

When you’ve found a product which works for your skin, you can stick to it and won’t look back!  Spending money on well-reviewed products is certainly worth it here. Choosing a cheap option may do more damage to your skin than good.

4. Moisturizer will Keep Your Skin Feeling Soft

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Did you know that the right moisturizer can actually reduce the appearance of blemishes, reduce the likelihood of wrinkles, and keep skin looking young?  Unfortunately, many people don’t gain these benefits as they don’t use moisturizer, or they use the wrong type for their skin.  If you’re using the wrong moisturizer for your skin, you may be causing yourself more grief than necessary! A moisturizer designed for your skin type is essential. One designed for someone with dry skin will be too heavy and cause pimples in those who suffer from acne.  Find a product in your local store which suits you and then read up about it online. Find bloggers and YouTubers who have similar skin to yours to learn what they use.

5. Lather Up on Sunscreen to Protect Your Skin

The sun provides us with that much-needed vitamin D. To get enough of the

, you need to expose your bare skin (or take supplements).  Many people don’t get enough as a result, especially if they work in an office and live in a gloomy climate. But, this vitamin is important for enabling your body to absorb calcium and ensure your bones grow strong.  Unfortunately, while you’re outside trying to increase your levels of vitamin D by exposing your skin to the sun, you may also be causing it damage.

To prevent this from happening, it’s vital to wear sunscreen on exposed areas of your skin. Why not choose a foundation which includes an SPF factor?  By wearing sunscreen, you will ensure your skin looks young well into your later life and that you reduce your risk of getting skin cancer. This form of cancer is the most common in the US and small steps can go a long way in prevention.

6. Always Remove Your Makeup at the End of the Day

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Are you spending hundreds of dollars on makeup to cover up any insecurities you have? Amazingly, those issues may disappear if you follow this skincare routine.  Arguably one of the most important aspects of any skin care routine is to remove makeup at the end of the day.  If you sleep in your makeup, you could be clogging up your pores and causing acne.  Eye makeup left on overnight can cause an inflammation of the eyes. Or, you may find that your eyelashes break off as you sleep.

Invest in a quality makeup remover and keep it by your bed if you forget to fulfill your nighttime skin care routine. Otherwise, always remove makeup, exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize before bed!

Keep Your Skin Care Routine Simple

It’s essential to perform a skin care routine every day for the best results. Therefore, you should make sure it’s simple and easy to follow.  It may surprise you how much better your skin feels when you strip your routine down to these essentials. No more clogged pores or needing to refresh your moisturizer and makeup!

Once you’ve mastered our 6 tips for the ultimate skin care routine, it’s time to move onto your hair! Check out this post to help you achieve a voluminous updo!

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