Valentine’s Day Gifts for Hair Obsessed

Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate with the love of your life. Every lady wants to look their best for their date night. Consider Head Kandy products that will give you gorgeous, silky and smooth hair. If you love to straighten or curl your hair, these products are for you.

Straightening Brush 2.0

This straightening brush is great for any hair texture and it eliminates frizz instantly. It consists of infused ceramic plating to keep your hair smooth, silky and straight. There is no need to worry about pain because this brush runs through your hair without breakage and it protects your scalp with anti-scald technology. There is an extra-long cord that is great to utilize the brush anywhere at any time. You can also lock the temperature to keep it constant and the LCD screen makes it easy to view the temperature as well.

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BFF Blow Dryer

In a hurry and need to finish your hair on time? No worries, this blow dryer will dry your hair in just 3 minutes. This blow dryer is great for fine, curly and thick hair textures. The Kandy nozzle is great for fast drying and it provides deep root penetration. Consider this blow dryer for a smooth finish that will give your hair volume all day.


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The Knockout Wand

This special wand will create the perfect curls for your date night. You can create beach waves or soft curls that will give you volume while remaining frizz free. This wand heats up to 140-430°F and it is perfect for holding those perfect curls.

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