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The New Year Natural – A 2019 Guide to Outdoor Partying

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With the new year comes a new calendar of events to celebrate in style so here’s a helpful 2019 guide to outdoor Partying.  There are plenty of beautiful venues out there, but nothing turns heads quite like an outdoor party. Get party tents that are suitable for all weather conditions.Once you decide on that direction, you’ll find that every patch of grass or waterside stretch is fair game.  Here’s what you need to consider before you throw an outdoor party.

Get A Marquee

The elements are not as predictable as we would like them to be, particularly in Melbourne. Your daytime or evening event has the opportunity to be wet, windy or dry – it’s anyone’s guess. But this shouldn’t put you off, as you can hire a marquee in Melbourne to take care of you and your guests. Marquees also signify a real sense of occasion, and set the scene for a day or night of fun. Marquees are designed to look luxury, but be a blank canvas so you can style and dress them according to your party vibe.

Experiment With Different Themes

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No one needs to sell you into the idea of a themed party. We all know just how fun they can be, and the commitment guests take to dressing up is always a treat. Why not add a theme to your outdoor event, and get things looking fresh. The best part about themes is that you can take it as far as you like, depending on your guest-list and what you think they would do with the theme. For daytime get-togethers, you may think a ‘touch of floral’ is the perfect theme, or you could take it a step further and make it a ‘70’s disco’ theme for an evening bash. The choice is yours. Watch those RSVP’s roll in, as no one can resist a good old dress up party.

Everyone Loves Entertainment: Be Unique

A DJ is great, and a band always gets people on their feet – but is there something else you could be doing? Capitalise on the outdoor location and stunning marquee, and center the party around a unique entertainment concept. If it is a daytime event, you could have croquet kit set up for guests to have a hit and get competitive. For evening soirees, you could set up a lawn bowls kit or an arts and crafts table. You want your guests to be moving around the party having fun, with no time for them to check their watches. Think outside of the box, and consider something new so you can kick off the first event of the year with something no one has done before.

Don’t Forget Good Housekeeping

When we say housekeeping, we are not addressing the mess that will await us the next day. That’s a problem for your future self to deal with. Practicing good housekeeping at a party is letting everyone know about parking, toilets, restrictions, and all those nitty-gritty logistics. To save the pressure of passing on the details to your guests on the day, include them in the invite and then re-iterate them again at the event with signage. Outdoor events always bring a crowd, so make sure you have considered how your guests will arrive and what comes next. There may be noise restrictions in an outdoor setting, so make sure you clarify the details and plan your party around it.

2019 is set to be another great year for parties, and the allure of outdoor entertaining is too much to resist. With the right planning and a few valuable tips from this 2019 guide to outdoor partying in place, you could have parties that will be remembered for a long time. Your marquee is the key ingredient here, so do go without one.

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