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How do I Charge an Electric Car at Home?

Electric car

A common question these days are how do I charge an electric car at home. There are very few changes you can make in your life today that will be as environmentally impactful as buying an electric car. Even a decade ago, electric cars were still seen as a bit of a joke but thanks to companies such as Tesla and more affordable models such as the Nissan Leaf, there has been something of a sea change in their reputation.

Today, electric cars are incredibly desirable, particularly with the UK government taking great strides to improve the national infrastructure around them. However, while one of the main benefits of leasing an electric car is that you’ll never need to refuel at a petrol station again, and another is that there is no (or very minimal) EV road tax. This also means you’re going to have to get used to charging your car.


how do I charge an electric carSo, for the first-time electric and hybrid owners out there, how do you charge your electric car?

Charging away

Chances are you’ve seen electric charging stations scattered around either at your local petrol station or supermarket. They look in many ways quite similar to petrol pumps, only with a greater emphasis on the digital display and a charging cable instead of a fuel pump. These solutions are going to be lifesavers when you find yourself running out of charge on the road but they are more costly than charging at home. For example, you’ll end up paying around £7.50 for a fast charge or around £1.50 per hour for a normal charge.

So, it is very comfortable to charge your vehicle on the road and you can do it when you launch or something like that. Accordingly, the need for accessible and affordable charging infrastructure has grown. As a result, Blink Charging, EVgo Fast Charging, or Gobins commercial electric vehicle charging stations aim to make electric vehicle charging convenient and cost-effective.

By doing so, they contribute to the widespread adoption of sustainable transportation solutions, thus promoting environmental sustainability and reducing reliance on traditional fuel sources.

Perhaps the more pressing concern with charging out and about, however, is that it takes time. More than you might think. A full charge, for example, could take between 8 and 12 hours. When you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere, that’s not exactly ideal. This is why you’ll generally find charging points in locations where there’s something else to do to keep you occupied. It’s also why so many electric car owners are more likely to do the lion’s share of their electric car charging at home.

Charging at home

how do I charge an electric carSurprisingly enough, many who are looking into electric cars are not actually sure whether or not they can charge at home. It’s true that it might be a little more complicated than simply plugging your car into the mains like your mobile phone but it’s not that much more complex than that really. A full home charge can set you back as little as £3, which is excellent when you consider how much a similar amount of petrol would cost.

Installing a home charging point will set you back around £800, but with the Government’s Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, you can claim back 75% of that charge capped at £350 per household. Your energy supplier should also install it for you, so you don’t need to do a thing! One thing you will need to consider, however, is that you’ll have to choose between a tethered or untethered cable (the latter comes with a cable you keep in your boot) and the power of the charger. Chargers come in 7kw, 3kw and 22kw, with the higher power chargers being faster but more expensive.

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