Achieve Strong and Healthy Nails with Probelle

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Leon Kohn is the founder of Probelle and he created this company due to his mother’s battle with Rheumatoid Arthritis. He formulated these products to help people achieve and maintain their beauty. The brand’s best sellers include 2-step nail growth treatment, antifungal treatment, and foot treatment. These products are all natural, non-toxic, non-lethal and effective to use. These treatments are perfect to achieve long, strong, and summer-ready nails. It is also great for those who suffer from nail growth side effects. Consider using these treatments to keep your nails healthy.

Nail Hardener Formula 1

This can be used as a base coat to keep your nails strong and prevent breaking, spitting, and peeling. Formula 1 creates a sheer white finish for a natural look. Once your nails become stronger, you can follow up with Nail Maintenance Formula 2.

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Nail Maintenance Formula 2

This formula is a nail and base coat that is formulated to maintain your nails and condition. It contains garlic to prevent fungus, safflower seed oil to moisturize, and lime to whiten and brighten your nails. This product is great for keeping your nails strong and it lasts for a week with no chipping.

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Achieve Strong and Healthy Nails with Probelle. Featured Image Credit:

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