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Lucy Spraggan Is Counting Her Lucky Stars in Her New Album “Today Was a Good Day”

It’s safe to say that the majority of days have been good days for singer Lucy Spraggan for the past several years. In 2012, the Jack of all trades made the fateful decision to audition for The X Factor – and the rest was history. Her new album Today Was a Good Day reflects on these years with enthusiasm and optimism. Spraggan credits her wife, Georgina Gordon, with being an unshakable source of support and the inspiration behind her song “Lucky Stars”. The sky is certainly the limit for Spraggan’s career.

Cliché: You first turned to singing as a career following a work accident. Had you ever considered pursuing music professionally prior to that? What made this accident the tipping point?

Lucy Spraggan: I’d always been in music. Since a young age I’d pursued my dream of playing shows and writing songs. I’d been at college doing public services with the aim of becoming a firefighter but after the accident I had a weight bearing injury on my right knee – it very much put a stop to my plans. Music then just fell into place.

To say you’ve had an unconventional path to your music career is an understatement. Previously, you’ve worked as a magician, a barmaid, and a plumbers apprentice. When people talk about the music industry, you usually only hear about artists being laser focused on pursuing their craft from a very young age. How would you say your different experiences set you apart as an artist?

I think I have a lot of life experience, I’ve met a lot of people. I still have a lot of learning to do! I’ve been playing shows since I was 12 so it’s always been in my life, even when I had the other jobs.

What was the moment where you felt you had your first big break?

I think The X Factor in 2012 would count as my first ‘big break’. My audition was the fourth most watched video in the world in 2012.

Tell us about your new album, “Today Was a Good Day.”

It’s a collection of songs about the past couple of years in my life. It’s quite upbeat and has an underlying theme of defiance and positivity.

How would you describe your sound?

Right now it’s quite guitar-lead. I’d say it’s somewhere between pop and folk, definitely in the singer-songwriter category. I used to call it ‘A-flop’, somewhere between acoustic folk and hip hop.

What track on the album is most personal to you and why?

They are all very personal; my songs are like my journal. Each song offers a different view of a different part of my life. “Today Was a Good Day” is probably my favourite.

Your song “Lucky Stars” talks about being incredibly grateful to have someone in your life. Were you drawing on personal experiences? Is there someone in particular who’s gotten you through rough patches in life or your career?

My wife has been an amazing pillar of support for the past 5 years. She has been a constant when other things have started to fall. I am incredibly grateful for her.

You’re also a foster carer! What has that experience been like for you?

My wife and I have been short term foster carers for a year or so. It’s very special to meet and look after young kids that need it, I’ve learnt an awful lot about myself and my wife and it’s very morally rewarding.

How do you feel about being a member of the LGBT community with such a big following and the freedom to express yourself creatively and speak your truth?

I think it’s important to speak the truth. I think it’s important to show young people that being yourself is the most important thing. The support I have had from the LGBT community has helped shape who I am and I am eternally thankful for them.

What words of wisdom can you offer for your fans and especially younger listeners who might be struggling or afraid to come to terms with their sexual orientation or gender identity?

Keep going. One day you’ll look back and wonder why you ever thought you weren’t good enough – you are.

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Lucy Spraggan Is Counting Her Lucky Stars in Her New Album “Today Was a Good Day.” Photo Credit: Andy Gannon and courtesy of publicist.

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