The Inspiring Ron Clark Story

Mathew Perry

The Inspiring Ron Clark Story – the film that transformed an already famous Matthew Perry into an inspiring role model of a true teacher.

‘The Ron Clark Story’ is 2006 film in which Matthew Perry plays the main role.  He is a teacher who was born in a small town but decided to leave to work at a New York public school. Obviously he has a lot of trouble connecting with students at first but his desire to teach, as well as some of his idealistic views helped him transform his relationship with the whole class.

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The main reason why Matthew Perry’s character in the Ron Clark story has become so inspiring not only in the teaching circles, but also among the viewers who understand that he demonstrates how a teacher can help his students deal with their own problems and not let it influence their future.  Being able to support a student outside of the learning process is one of the most important aspects in pedagogy.

When a student comes back to school, it is vital for them to know that they have at least a role model and someone to go to with concerns.  A teacher can easily become such friend.  Surely, offering emotional support is of great importance for university and college students as well.  Ron Clark has become a role model for  a lot of teachers because he was determined to make a difference.  His goal was not merely to cover the academic curriculum and make certain all papers are handed in on time.  He truly wanted to help his students deal with their problems as well as maker certain they finish school.  He wanted to ensure they had all the necessary skills to get an undergraduate degree in a certain field, to apply for scholarship or to find a job to help pay college tuition.

Surely, ‘The Ron Clark Story’ promotes the idea of having a perfect teacher who has chosen this profession for all the right reasons.  Making such films is important because people of all ages need to have positive role models at school. Teachers can easily become an inspiring person for a student to motivate them to acquire knowledge and training in the field they are interested in.  Whether it is college football or mathematics, a student needs to have support not only from their parents, but also from their teachers.  No matter whether a person chooses homeschooling or a common schooling system, having a role model will definitely be advantageous. ‘The Ron Clark Story’ is an earnest and a bit idealistic story about an inspiring teacher who was one of those who wanted to change the system and the way in which the so called ‘problematic’ kids view school in general.  The character in the film succeeded. The more teachers follow the examples set forth in the Ron Clark story, the easier it will be to transform the educational system. What is more, every student will feel like they belong, especially when a teacher really tries their best to help.

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