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Maternity Fashion 101: How to Look Cute in Maternity Outfits

maternity fashion

Around 3.8 million babies are born every year in the USA.  If you’re a soon to mom, it’s likely that you’re not feeling so hot right now. Pregnancy is hard and can make the best of us feel uncomfortable.  One of the best ways to combat this feeling is to dress up, look great and try to convince yourself that you feel great too.  This is maternity fashion 101.  It may work for you or it may not but it’s worth a shot.  Read on to learn how to look cute in maternity outfits!

maternity fashion1. Wear Your Favorite Clothes for as Long as Possible

When you first send out your pregnancy announcements, everyone replies telling you that you’ll soon balloon up. It’s daunting!  However, this isn’t the case for all women right away. If you own a wardrobe that you love, try fitting into these clothes for as long as possible. Next, pick out the loosest, comfiest items for your pregnancy wardrobe. Looking cute in maternity outfits requires keeping a sense of yourself in your clothes.  Don’t be pressured to rush out right away to buy all new pregnancy outfits. Take your time with maternity fashion.

2. Figure Out Which Season You’ll be Growing Life In

Now you’re stretching out your favorite clothes and really witnessing that amazing bump grow, it’s time to buy a few new pieces.  Figure out which season you’ll be heavily pregnant in and plan for that. To look cute, choose the colors which work best for that season. 

A rule of thumb for maternity fashion is if you’ll be heavily pregnant in winter, stick to dark colors. Why not choose a deep red? If you’re pregnant in summer, it’s likely you’ll be feeling the heat. Choose dresses which are floaty and lightweight.  Don’t buy too many items and see how they make you feel first. Remember while you’re shopping that this isn’t your wardrobe for life, so why not try out something new?

maternity fashion

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3. Don’t Want People to Know? Don a Blazer

Have you ever noticed a favorite female star start donning a blazer in every shot of a new sitcom?  This is the way that stars dress to avoid showing off their pregnancy belly. If you don’t want people to know just yet, try this method yourself.   It’s all about tricking the eye. Try pairing some tighter (yet comfortable around the waist) trousers with a stunning open blazer.  Choose a pattern which is eye-catching to draw attention away from the plain colored top (and hidden baby bump) underneath… 

4. Embrace the Baby Bump with a Belt

When everyone you know knows about your pregnancy, why not look extra cute by adding a thin belt to your outfit.   It will highlight your baby bump yet look super chic. Try buying a large, floaty dress which is very comfortable, and cinching in your waist with a thin black belt.


Maternity Fashion Outfits Can be Cute!

Maternity outfits don’t have to be shapeless. You can make sure they’re cute by pairing them up with the right accessories. Consider choosing comfortable shoes that still look great or why not splurge on a bag you’ve always wanted?  Are you searching for cute maternity outfits? Share this post on social media to get help from your friends!

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