Trending products, brands, and retailers

Some unexpected trends are happening. 2016 it was Vera Bradley and their colorful backpacks and matching lunch boxes. 2018 it was the Gucci belt, worn with any garment that had a belt loop. 2019 is was FILAS, bringing back the dad’s shoe. Now, the trending products, brands, and retailers are oddly more about comfortability and efficiency.

Trending retailers 

Amazon is still dominating the retailer industry and they continue to grow and expand. They bring us good quality products right to our door in a matter of days, sometimes even hours. It is clear why they are the top retailer trend. Nordstrom is in a close second, bringing luxurious name brands and unique designers all in one store location. Very convenient for high-end shoppers. The next three are Old Navy, Target, and Khols. These retailers are climbing up the trend spectrum because of the quality and price point of their products. The price point has become a big factor, it is not just about the name anymore. Customers want a good product for a reasonable price, they don’t want to spend a lot of money on inanimate objects anymore.

Trending Brands

Old Navy, H&M, and Universal Thread. These three brands are now trending and its all because of their price point. These are all ready to wear brands that cater to fast fashion customers and money savvy customers. They all carry quality clothing and accessories and most have clothing for both men and women. None of these brands have a price point higher than $100 and they all either have sales or coupons. That is what makes them a top trend, they cater to multiple customers.

Trending Products

Trending product, collard shirt dress

The trending products right now embody comfort and style, creating the look of an effortlessly beautiful outfit. The collared shirt dress is a big trend right now, with its column silhouette and mid-length hemline this dress can be casual, trendy, or fancy. The shape of the dress makes all those options possible. Also, jean jackets have been trending. This is not a surprise, jean jackets now come in so many different colors, shapes, materials, there one for everyone. Jean jackets are also one of the best ways to upcycle clothes. You could paint it, creat rips for a distressed look, add patches buttons or fabric, even add fringe for a retro look. The jean jacket will never go out of style because of its versatility.

Why you should give these trending products, and brands a try.

These styles are all comfortable, and with comfortable fashion, you have wiggle room for style changes. These are garments that can be worn separately, or together all based on the look you’re going for. The brands carrying these products also carry a great selection choice of accessories, shoes, jackets, and anything else you might need for your look. It could be an easy one-stop-shop for you.

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