The Best Entertainment Options for any Wedding

Today we want to present the best entertainment options for any wedding. While planning any party requires so much planning and preparation, a wedding party is the party to end all parties. It is a momentous occasion that is a celebration of love and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Of course, we all love to see our favorite people get together and tie the knot but it’s the party where everything truly comes together! From drunken conversations that will spawn a lifetime of laughs to that long-lost aunt shaking her money maker, the celebration is always the talking point. This is why we’ve got to pick the best entertainment to coax all of these little moments out of the woodwork. So what are the best types of entertainment that will make the most memorable day of your life even more memorable?

Photo Booths

Opting for a photo booth rental is certainly a very popular choice these days. They’ve become the staple of modern weddings. Not just because it’s a way to encourage people to pull silly faces but there is something wonderful about the candidness of a photo booth. 

Seeing an uncle who hasn’t had a smile on his face in 35 years wearing some rubber lips and shaking a fairy wand is going to elicit a lot of laughs! It’s an amazing way to bring people together where they would normally. Yes, the alcohol may have something to do with it but a wedding is the ideal opportunity for people to let their hair down. The spirit of the occasion is often captured in these snapshots and usually, it is unbridled joy!

Wandering Entertainment

Lots of people now choose magicians for their wedding parties. It’s easy to see why because it’s an amazing option to keep the crowd entertained. The big issue with magicians is that everybody’s got an opinion on them! But if you’ve got kids that need corralling magicians of one thing that can keep them enthralled. Magicians are always able to entertain the most cynical members of the crowd. There’s always those people who want to think they saw beyond the magic trick and there are those who were absolutely convinced they saw the card go up the sleeve. But if you have a lot of people who need entertaining when they don’t feel so inclined to get on the dance floor, a magician can strike the right balance. 

Additionally, you could try other types of entertainment that are tailored to the kids especially if there’s lots of extended family in attendance. Activities like balloon artists, face painting, or setting up a kid’s corner with crafts and games will instantly make things a lot easier. Keeping those young kids entertained is very tough but if you get this right this means parents can enjoy the occasion a lot more. Those parents who feel like they are constantly on high alert in case their young child ends up hijacking the first dance or wants to stick their fingers in the cake need the opportunity to relax and if those people can relax then chances are the vast majority of the crowds will be ready and raring for a lot of fun!

The Musicians

Entertainment Options for any WeddingIf you want to set the mood it’s all about choosing the right songs. You’ve got two main options: you can either hire a live band or a DJ. There’s benefits to both, depending on the theme and mood of your day. If you are looking for an up-market approach you could hire a jazz ensemble to play during cocktail hour or you can go towards the other end of the spectrum and get a covers band that gets everybody up. 

What we have to remember when we are hiring a wedding band is that they will have a very specific repertoire. We can think that it’s okay to ask for a few covers of specific songs but you have to factor in how much time they have to learn these songs. When hiring a wedding band you’ve got to look at the roster of songs they have. You can go for a cheap option and hire a newer covers band that is willing to cut their teeth but this could result in a below-par band that doesn’t have much rapport with the audience. When in doubt, always ask for some music samples! 

The other approach is to get a DJ. A skilled DJ can curate that amazing musical journey. They will be able to blend genres and play requests but also read the room so they can keep the dance floor alive. One of the biggest mistakes DJs can make is when they’re not able to gauge the environment or think that it’s about them. The right DJ is a very skilled master of ceremonies who can turn a wedding reception into an amazing party that will make guests feel like they have no choice but to get up and shake their groove thang!

Entertainment Options for any WeddingThemed Entertainment

If you are going for a themed wedding with a defined color scheme like black to represent your love of metal music or you love anything and everything vintage the entertainment should complement the day. You may have a tropical beach wedding and therefore it’s not a massive stretch to get a steel drum band or have a small ukulele orchestra play unique covers of great songs. When you incorporate entertainment that resonates with the theme it has the ability to transform the wedding party and make loved ones feel far more involved in the occasion.

The best entertainment for any wedding is about reflecting the couple’s journey. The best entertainment is going to resonate with your personalities and the atmosphere that you want to create. Entertainment doesn’t just keep people occupied but it provides an extra dimension for the day. The right entertainment will instantly transform the wedding into something that will be treasured for use to come. From your favorite songs to children’s entertainment and candid imagery, it’s critical to add those personal touches so everybody can feel a part of your big day and look back on it with smiles and fond memories for years to come.

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