3 Best Wedding Dresses for a Bride

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Have you ever wondered what the 3 best wedding dresses for a bride are?  You might be surprised.  According to a study by Brides magazine, brides today are less likely to choose a traditional white or off-white dress, but over three-quarters of the hundreds of engaged and recently wed brides who were surveyed said they opted to wear a veil.   They may have been influenced by the many celebrity brides who’ve done the same in recent years, like “This Is Us” star Mandy Moore who chose a tiered pink gown by Rodarte and pop singer Jessica Simpson who donned gold when she wed former NFL player Eric Johnson in 2014.

best wedding dresses for a bride

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If you’re searching through the many different options for bridal gowns today, it can feel almost overwhelming, whether you’re dreaming of a white, off-white or trendy dress in a non-traditional color. Some of the top considerations when narrowing those choices not only comes down to taste, but the wedding venue, from a casual outdoor beach gathering to a large, fancy church ceremony, as well as your body type to ensure the most flattering look. 

These three wedding dresses are some of the best to consider for your ceremony, big or small.

Romantic Ball Gown

If it’s a fairytale type of wedding you’re looking for, a romantic ball gown can be ideal for several different body types. The most distinguishing trait of this dress is a very full skirt. Its silhouette has a fitted bodice and is cinched in at the waist. Pear-shaped brides will look great in this as it helps to define the waist while the skirt skims the hips, and those who are busty will appreciate how it tends to provide more balance. For those with a narrow frame, the gown’s fullness will add curves for a beautiful hourglass look. If you’re petite, however, as the dress is so voluminous it can make if you feel as if you’re “swallowed up” in it.

best wedding dresses for a bride

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Romantic ball gowns tend to have elaborate details that add even more “wow” for a true princess look. They’re typically covered with embellishments like floral appliques and have feminine necklines, like a sweetheart neckline. They aren’t always white either, a light blush color creates a stunning look for the bride who doesn’t want to be too traditional.

A Bohemian Sheath Dress

If you’re slender and/or petite, the sheath silhouette will be quite flattering. It adds length for shorter brides while being more form-fitting, following the natural line of the body without flaring out. It tends to hug the body in all the right places, but in a chic, sophisticated way. If you’re extra curvy or pear-shaped, it’s generally not the best choice as it can create an unbalanced look. It can be personalized to add the illusion of curves without bulk by opting for a belted sash that creates a waist while emphasizing curves.

The bohemian sheath style brings a more laid-back vibe that’s perfect for that backyard ceremony or wedding on the sand. It’s easy to move around in, comes in lightweight fabrics and has a slightly more relaxed silhouette that creates an enchanting, ethereal feel.

The Classic A-Line Dress

If you’re looking for a timeless, traditional dress that works well for all body types, the classic A-line is ideal. This cut is narrow at the top, extending out along the body, with the shape in the outline of an A. It’s incredibly flattering and allows for lots of movement, even on the dance floor. You can incorporate your own personality in it too by adding some custom details like appliques or lace sleeves. An A-line lace wedding dress is sure to never go out of style.

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