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8 Ways to Ensure a Memorable Engagement

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Today we want to share 8 ways to ensure a memorable engagement. Is there anything better than the feeling of falling in love? That moment when your partner gets down on one knee, reveals a gorgeous ring, and asks you to spend forever by their side may rival it. 

If you’re the one planning the proposal, you want everything to be perfect. You’ll need to find a ring as unique as they are. VRAI engagement rings feature lab-grown diamonds making them a  sustainable and ethical option.  

But for the perfect proposal, you’ll need more than just a gorgeous ring. Your engagement story should be as magical as the love you share. These eight tips and tricks will ensure you and your partner have a romantic and memorable engagement. 

Know You’re Both 100% Ready for Forever

Marriage is meant to be an eternal vow. This should go without saying, but be sure you both are ready for commitment. Don’t rush into a proposal because you think it’s what your family or your partner wants. 

Have you two discussed marriage? Are you on the same page? When you get down on one knee, you should know for sure that the person in front of you is the one you’re meant to stand beside for the rest of your life.  

Get Her Families Blessing

You may consider asking for your partner’s father’s “permission,” an antiquated tradition. Instead of asking permission, ask for their parent’s blessing. By choosing to spend your life with this person, you’re also choosing to tie your two families together. Discussing your plans for forever with your partner’s family shows them you’re excited to be a part of their story. 

Determine Their Ring Size 

Use a ring from your partner’s jewelry box to make your best guess. Don’t be obvious and ask for their ring size. It’s better if the ring is slightly too large than too small – otherwise, they may not be able to put it on at all. You can always resize the ring after the proposal if it isn’t a perfect fit. 

Choose a VRAI Lab-Grown Diamond 

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Photo by TranStudios Photography & Video on Pexels

When shopping for an engagement ring, it can feel impossible to ignore the environmental and ethical cost of mining diamonds. Diamond mines pay low wages, employ child labor, and have hazardous working conditions

Lab-grown diamonds are more ethical and sustainable than traditionally mined diamonds. They are anatomically the same as mined diamonds and are about 40% less expensive – meaning you can find a higher quality diamond for a lower price. 

Not all lab-grown diamonds are the same. Creating the high-pressure environment needed to grow a diamond from carbon takes significant energy. VRAI created diamonds are grown in their zero-emission foundry through the CVD (Chemical Vapor Dispositon) method. Plus, they source their carbon from greenhouse gas emissions.

When you choose a VRAI lab-grown diamond, you support ethical practices and help improve our planet. You can still use a diamond to symbolize forever without any of the guilt. 

Insure the Ring

Once you’ve chosen a unique VRAI engagement ring, get it insured ASAP. Engagement rings are a significant investment. You want your purchase to be protected. Not all renters or home insurance policies will cover expensive jewelry. Choose an engagement ring insurance plan that includes loss, theft, and damage coverage.    

Keep It Secret 

Do your best not to spill the beans on your proposal plans. You can share your excitement with a few friends and family members, but avoid telling everyone you know. Keep the ring somewhere where your partner won’t accidentally discover it. 

It can be challenging to act normal as you approach the big moment where you get down on one knee and pop the question. Have a backup story prepared in case your partner asks too many questions. Use another occasion like a holiday, birthday, anniversary, or trip to cover up the surprise. 

Ensure They Look and Feel Their Best 

You’re going to want to celebrate together once you pop the question. You’ll snap pictures to memorialize the moment, and your partner will be disappointed if they look less than their best. Enlist a friend to trick them into getting a manicure the week you propose, and find a way to encourage them to wear one of their favorite outfits – without giving away the surprise, of course. 

Consider All the Reasons You Love Them 

Don’t feel pressured to write a script for yourself. You want your proposal to feel organic and in the moment. Think about the love story you share with your partner. Consider all the reasons you love them. 

Speak from your heart when you propose and highlight what you most look forward to in sharing your future together. Connect with your partner by holding eye contact so you can memorize their expression when they say: YES.

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