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How can you Improve Performance With PEMF Therapy?

PEMF Therapy

Are you a student, professional, homemaker, businessman, or athlete? Your body machinery undergoes several hidden or visible wear and tear with each coming day leading to a diseased body. The illness causes a setback to your performance and cripples your daily life. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy combined with traditional medical treatments works in multiple conditions. It does not guarantee a cure for the disease but helps your body regain the lost treasure of health to improve performance. 

Why Choose PEMF?

 PEMF is a friendly way of dealing with certain nasty painful body conditions. Despite the groundbreaking advancements in medicine, many patients still cannot find relief from their ailments. The sufferers mainly opt for any of the two choices. They have to rely on a chain of medicines that tackle symptoms momentarily but leave several negative impacts on the body in the long run. Surgery is another common method. Surgical treatments sometimes eradicate the symptoms but could interfere with other body mechanisms. Some choose modalities like yoga, acupressure, therapeutic radiation, and others. These could prove effective for maintaining a healthy body environment but fail to provide instant relief to an ailing body. This is how PEMF stands out. It works at both levels, providing day-to-day relief of symptoms and contributing to overall wellness.

PEMF and Athletic Performance

How does the modality work? A PEMF machine comprises a copper coil incorporated in different forms of therapeutic devices. When an electric current of recommended strength and frequency passes through the coil, it generates a magnetic field. The magnetic field resonates with the body’s innate electrical and magnetic environment. The magnetic field targets the cells, tissues, muscles, and bones for restoring the damaged cells. The devices come in various forms ranging from a full-body mat, applicators, bands, pads, or pillows. At, you can get all with different technicalities, specific body needs, and pricing. 

When To Use PEMF For Improving Performance?

Try using the pulsed field technique if you suffer from any of the following issues.

  •       Chronic fatigue
  •       Chronic inflammation
  •       Osteoporosis, osteopenia, or osteoarthritis
  •       Slow wound healing and muscle recovery
  •       Peripheral neuropathy
  •       Joint damage
  •       Bone fracture
  •       Musculoskeletal pain

How Does PEMF Improve Performance?

Answering this in a few words is not possible because there is no single mechanism at work. The application of electromagnetic fields induces several vital phenomena in the body. These phenomena may have a direct or indirect link with the disease. Talking in general terms, the therapy works efficiently in the following areas.

  •       Improving blood oxygenation
  •       Supports the immune system
  •       Increasing blood circulation
  •       Reducing inflammation
  •       Supporting muscles
  •       Enhancing bone healing
  •       Alleviating stress and its impacts on the body
  •       Reducing pain 
  •       Sleep management

Diseases invade when there is a breach in any of these areas. The disturbance initiates at smaller levels. In the beginning, there is a feeling of tiredness, fatigue, lower energy, and slow recovery from injury. The truth is, diagnosing a medical condition at such an earlier stage is impossible. These become vivid after causing much damage to the cells and muscles and also become problematic when left untreated. This is how PEMF improves performance.

  •       Regular use of pulsed-field therapy supports muscle function and allows muscles to work harder and longer. The therapy boosts oxidation and energy production in muscles. As a result, there is an improvement in muscle healing. When muscles take up more oxygen, there is a marked increase in their performance and endurance. 
  •       PEMF stimulation before exercise triggers the production of heat stress proteins in muscles. These proteins prevent muscle cell breakdown and reduce the chance of injury. It means that the exercisers would experience less pain or tenderness and reduced recovery time for the next session. 
  •       The therapy enhances the growth of blood vessels with the obvious benefit of improving blood circulation. An Optimal level of blood circulation ensures a reasonable supply of nutrients to cells and the removal of wastes from cells. 

To what extent can PEMF benefit you?

It depends on the condition of the issue. For instance, you might find quick relief for a pulled muscle but restoring a diseased organ would take time. You would not find rules or specifications for using the treatment for specific conditions. Using the therapy is a matter of trial and error. Keep in touch with your chiropractor to discern the signs of improvement. 


Are you unable to hit the plateau due to tiredness or slow recovery? Explore pulsed field technology. It uses bursts of electromagnetic radiation to heal tissues and improve performance.

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