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Lingerie and Rose Petals

Lingerie is the perfect opportunity to feel like your most beautiful self. It’s a fun opportunity to explore your style in the bedroom and see what looks make you feel your very best self. There is so much diversity within lingerie, with a wide range of classic and cutting-edge looks. 

The beauty in lingerie is that you can cater both the top and the bottom pieces to be the cut that is most flattering on you. Whether you are more cheeky or more busty, there is a bottom and top look that will cater to all your best features. Lingerie is fun to play with and fun to shop for, but many women may feel overwhelmed when it comes to the magnitude of cuts and styles that are available to them. Many women walk into a lingerie store and don’t know what any of the different cuts of lingerie pieces are called. It becomes so much easier to shop for lingerie when you know the names of the various styles. That’s why we’ve compiled a short and comprehensive list of the top lingerie styles to know about and look for the next time you’re trying to spice it up in the bedroom or beyond.

The Classic Bra and Undies Look

Bras and Underwear combinations are one of the most popular and classic lingerie looks to be on the lookout for. There are an endless amount of options when it comes to bra and underwear combinations. This allows you to cater your looks to the features you most want to accentuate. It’s important to know the different styles of bras that are available to you. The Push-up Bra pushes up your chest. An Underwire Bra flatters with all the right lines and support. A Bralette is a lighter coverage option that is whimsical and delicate. A Bustier is a push-up bra top with additional fabric that covers your stomach. With underwear, there are lots of options to choose from as well. A Bikini bottom is the classic coverage cut of underwear where the rise is not too high, but not too low. A Hipster bottom sits low on your hips and is a slightly cheekier version of a boy short. A Highwaisted bottom comes up higher and covers your lower abdomen. A Thong is more revealing and lets you show off your backside. A Garter or Suspender Belt has clips that hold up thigh-high stockings and creates a more sultry look. 

The Elegant Chemise or Babydoll Look

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Also referred to as a babydoll dress, a chemise is a short slip dress that is as beautiful as it is sexy. A Chemise is good for any body type. They have a flattering fabric that starts under the bra line and falls flowy underneath. They can be made up of all sorts of beautiful material and can be semi-sheer, silky, or covered in lace. Many chemises create gorgeous silhouettes and can be the perfect elegant wedding look when in white. Lots of brides find that they gravitate towards this look as they appear very bridal, almost like a second wedding dress only sexier. Whether you’re getting married or you’re just looking for something beautiful, a chemise looks incredible on all body types.

The Sexy Bodysuit or Teddy Look

A bodysuit, also known as a teddy at certain lingerie stores, is like a bra and underwear in one. It’s kind of like a glorified sexy one-piece. Many women prefer bodysuits because of their flattering coverage. Bloated from dinner?  You could never tell in a bodysuit or teddy as it contours and covers exactly what you want it to. With a little more coverage in the stomach area than the classic bra and underwear look, the teddy still remains to be one of the sexiest of lingerie looks. Some are lacy and light, while others are more structured. No matter what look you prefer, the bodysuit is a flattering look on all body types. Undeniably beautiful with so much variety and options available, you are sure to blow your partner away in this look.   

The Shapewear Corset Look

A corset is a beautiful piece of shapewear that cinches at the waist and has grommets and ties that pull tight. Squeezing the midsection, many women go for this look because of the flattering appearance it gives their torso. It’s slimming shapewear effect is a fun way to transform your body and achieve that hourglass shape so many women and men alike love. Based off the corset from centuries past, this classic look is way to shake things up in the bedroom and wear a piece of clothing you may not often wear.

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