5 Tips for Planning Your Wedding Ceremony on a Budget

Selecting your wedding venue is one of the first things you should do when you are planning to have a wedding so here are 5 tips for planning your wedding ceremony on a budget.  From a romantic garden or lakeside retreat to a black-tie ballroom, you can always find a venue depending on your budget.

Keeping in mind the fact that weddings can prove to be much expensive than expected, there are high chances that you could select the best venue only to realize that the venue you chose is out of your budget.

Therefore, consider these 5 tips for planning your wedding ceremony on a budget.

Tips for Planning Your Wedding Ceremony on a Budget

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1. Consider a Public Park

Maybe you have found your dream wedding venue, but it seems like you aren’t going to afford it no matter what. In this case, all isn’t lost. You can still consider using a public park or any other state-owned venue for your wedding.

In most cases, venues charge per hour. So, you’ll save some money if you use a public park that may not need a penny. Of course, people will talk behind your back. Please don’t care about what people will say. What matters is that you had a lovely wedding celebration and got officially married to your loved one.

2. Book Your Preferred Park During the Off-peak Season

wedding ceremony on a budget

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If you are planning to host your wedding at the lakeside, but the prices have short high either during the summer or spring, inquire from the sales representative if you can book the venue during the off-peak seasons.

During wedding seasons, prices are likely to skyrocket. But if you choose to host your wedding during the late winter or summer months, then you could end up saving more.

Yes, you’ll be compromising the time of the year when you’d love to carry on with your wedding ceremony, but you’ll save a lot. And at least guests will find the excuse to slip after an exciting spring or summer vacation.

3. Refine Your Guest List

Though it could be easy to invite every friend, you don’t need to. What you need to keep in mind is that every guest will increase your wedding budget in a way. This is because venues will always charge per person. So, many guests will have to raise your budget.

It’s essential that you choose the guests you will be inviting wisely. Invite only close friends and relatives. This way, you will reduce the number of guests; thus the cost you would have incurred per head.

4. Consider the Time of the Day

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Maybe you should consider thinking again if you decide to have your wedding on a Saturday night.  Depending on the day you choose, there are always a couple of options to select from when choosing your reception day and time.

For example, a non-holiday Sunday evening will still be as good as a Saturday.  You can always save hundreds if not thousands of dollars for the rental fees, food, and drinks.

5. Opt for the Full-Service Venue

A full-service venue can help you save more money. Full-service venue means that all your needs and services will be centred in one area. So, you’ll not have to bring in each of the vendors and services.

You may not benefit from bringing in your own food or even beverage, but at least you’ll benefit from not bringing in tables, flatware, or chairs.

Final Thoughts

Planning for your wedding ceremony including the venue where you’ll host it is critical, especially when you have a limited budget. You’ll want to trim down some costs. The above tips can help you save more money.

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