Catfish Returns

Let’s all give ourselves a round of applause for surviving another Catfish hiatus. I’m serious; those weeks without digital sleuths Nev Schulman and his silver-fox sidekick Max Joseph on my TV are seriously challenging. Thankfully, the wait is almost over because season four kicks off in just a couple days, with some noticeable changes.
For one, Max will miss the first couple episMax and Zacodes as he is in LA directing his first feature film which stars, wait for it – Zac Efron. But, don’t worry too much, because even though he will be dearly missed while he’s kicking back with fourteen year old me’s unrequited celebrity boyfriend, his absence provides MTV a unique opportunity to bring in a couple guest celebrity detectives for the first half of the season.
One guest we can look forward to is #teaminternet reigning king, Tyler Oakley. You may recognize Tyler from his red carpet coverage of award shows, online YouTube Channel in which he has almost 6.5 million subscribers, or his general fan-girling across every major social media network. As a fellow fan of the show, I can’t wait to see what type of web of Catfish- drama he helps to untangle.
Early reviews assure us that this season is just as crazy as it’s predecessors. So get ready to bait that rod because Catfish returns on Wednesday February 25th on MTV at 10/9c.
And, if you need your fix now you can check out the teaser trailer on:

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Photographs courtesy of @maxjosephs and MTV

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