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Dr. Scholl’s Review

As we age, it seems that our feet tend to get sore and beat up from everyday activities. From long commutes to running errands to wearing heels, I’ve noticed the effects of a busy life on my feet. Everyone knows the household name of Dr. Scholl’s, a savior when it comes to shoe comfort and the convenience of comfort it brings. Dr. Scholl’s helps all types of foot pain and conditions such as bunions, arch pain, athlete’s foot, blisters, shin splints, odor, and dry skin. With  various products ranging from insoles, blister cushions, and odor fighting sprays, you can find all your feet necessities! Check out my thoughts in this Dr. Scholl’s Review!

unnamed-3Dr. Scholl’s DreamWalk Fresh & Cool Insoles are perfect for the busy woman. The super comfy insoles have small cut-outs to help circulate air flow and a moisture-wicking top cloth that help keep feet dry. A great feature of the insoles is that they are removable, so you can wear them in any pair of shoes. I tried the insoles with a pair of uncomfortable tan oxfords I own and the insoles felt like heaven. I was relieved from the pain and I really love the extra support and padding from the insoles.

Dr. Scholl’s Odor-X Ultracool Insoles for men are great for the hot weather. The insoles have three layers that work together to provide comfort while keeping your feet odor free. The top layer is made out of a wick-away cloth that keeps moisture out, the second layer is made with an activated charcoal and baking soda blend that helps prevent any signs of odor, and the last layer is a honeycomb insole that helps promote airflow while keeping feet cool and cushioned.

Be sure to try Dr. Scholl’s inserts; they feel like you’re walking on fluffy pillows. You don’t need to punish your feet by ignoring the signs of pain; instead, reward them with relief and comfort. Dr. Scholl’s products can be purchased at retailers such as Target, CVS, and Walgreens. The DreamWalk Fresh & Cool Insoles retail at $7.99, and the Odor-X Ultracool Insoles retail at $9.59. To learn more about Dr. Scholl’s, go to

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