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Beyonce and Jay Z Share Personal Home Videos

Have you seen the new “On the Run” video? If you have, you’ll know that Beyonce and Jay Z share personal home videos with their fans during their “On the Run” concert tour.

According to Huffington Post, Beyonce shared a video on YouTube last Sunday of a clip from Beyonce and Jay Z’s HBO concert special. The clip, which shows Beyonce and Jay Z performing their songs “Young Forever” and “Halo,” also features intimate home videos of the two. Among the clips presented, the video depicts a young Jay Z and Beyonce’s early relationship, the pair’s matching “IV” tattoos, and their private 2008 wedding ceremony.

Beyonce and Jay Share Personal Home Videos

The video also gives viewers a rare glimpse into the power couple’s home life, specifically in regard to their daughter, Blue Ivy. In one of the scenes, Beyonce is shown in a hospital bed holding the couple’s newborn child, and, in another, Blue Ivy learns to walk.

Beyonce and Jay Z Share Personal Home Videos

It’s almost surprising that the couple released such personal videos–including one of a topless, pregnant Beyonce–to the public, since the details of their wedding have been kept secret for so long. But the couple gave fans an inside look at their lives on their own terms, without nosy paparazzi or a big magazine spread, and, for that, I respect their decision. I can’t imagine a more tasteful and artistic way for Beyonce and Jay-Z to share their lives with their fans!

Watch the video below:

(Images courtesy of Huffington Post and video courtesy of Youtube)

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