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Catwalk by TIGI Fall Launch

TIGI has made its mark on both the beauty industry and our locks by creating some seriously good hair days. Well, more like gorgeous hair days when it comes to their fabulous products. We’re all up for some more days like those with the fall launch of Catwalk by TIGI, a new collection of multi-tasking products that are made to create a salon-worthy blow dry all with your own hands. Can you say thank you? We sure can!

These colder months have us finding all the more reason to stay inside as much as possible; no running out to the salons as usual for us! With the help of these perfect blow dry creating products, including the Bodifying Spray for Impeccable Volume, Harista Split End Perfector, and Camera Ready Shine Finish, there is now a salon right in our own homes.
CW Bodifying SprayCW HairistaCatwalk Camera Ready

The Bodifying Spray for Impeccable Volume is made to achieve that extra oomph we all love having in our hair. Just prep your hair with this product by spraying it when it is damp, and then style with a brush hair dryer to how you desire. This will help create a voluptuous beginning to your hair becoming bigger and better. After trying out this product firsthand, I can vouch that your locks are not only fuller and more luxurious, but soft at every touch. Va-va-voom much?

Just because it’s October doesn’t mean we want our hair mimicking any type of scarecrow. We’ll leave that for Halloween! The Harista Split End Perfector lets your hair look healthier than ever after applying it to dry tips when your hair is damp. Say goodbye to split ends with this product! The split end mending technology in this bottle repairs up to 80% of split ends while keeping more from being born. Magic, much? Hair magic, more like.

For the finishing touch, there is the Camera Ready Shine Finish that creates a commercial worthy touch, shine and all. All you need is a spritz of it when your hair is dried or in the process of drying. With a brush, you’ll be protected from any frizz that could possibly show up in any weather. It’s a definite must-have for that flawless look. Are you ready for your close-up?

To get your hands on your very own Catwalk products, visit!

Catwalk by TIGI Fall Launch: Photos courtesy of TIGI
Featured image by Jonathan Simkhai

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