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Synth-Pop Artist I Am Boleyn Releases Euphoric Single “Until the Summer Ends”

Synth-pop UK artist I Am Boleyn has dropped the perfect track for August.Until the Summer Ends” is simply put: 80s synth-pop perfection. Influenced by the likes of Robyn, Mo and Goldfrapp, “Until the Summer Ends” is an effortless single that captures the importance of living in the now, since in the end: there’s nothing left to lose.

Spending her time between London and Stockholm, I Am Boleyn grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia, went to Oxford University to study history, and has been writing songs since she was young. Growing up with music being at the forefront of her life, it was always written in the stars that this artist is destined for great things. Always turning to music as an escapism, I Am Boleyn shares, “I think that music is one of the most powerful, emotional tools we have”.

I had the chance to talk about the latest euphoric track with I Am Boleyn and the inspiration behind it. 

How did “Until the Summer Ends” come to be? What inspired the track? 
I went to Sweden in May this year to do some recording – I traveled on the first day I
could. It was amazing and strange to be traveling again and to go to a country that
had such a different Covid experience to most places. It made me think about how
much we long for connection. Summer for me encapsulates that feeling of freedom
and closeness we have all be craving.

What genres or artists have inspired your music?
I fell in love with Lana Del Rey and Florence the Machine’s first albums. They felt so fresh
and urgent. Recently I’ve been listening to The Midnight and Annie who have
definitely inspired the synth mood of the track.

How does the song fit into your pandemic experience? What are you walking away
with after living in isolation? 
One of the biggest lessons for me after isolation is to not hold on too dearly to plans. They
are probably going to change so don’t worry too much about it!

What do you hope listeners take away from the song? 
Mainly I hope that they feel happy listening to it – we really had fun making it and I want the
nostalgia of it to make people smile.

What has been your favorite reaction to the new single? 
My manager was so excited when he heard it! That was great to get that feedback. I can’t
wait to see what everything else thinks.

How have you incorporated your feminist values into your music and career?
There are lots of ways to stand up for your views and be counted – I don’t shy away from
calling things out and also speaking my mind if I’m asked in interviews. Another
small way to uplift women is to use your platform – whatever its size – to support
them. It’s really important to support other woman’s work. Repost their song, go to
their play, tell a friend about their new business. Women have been encouraged to
see others as competition within the desired male framework and it’s nonsense!
Women are very powerful when they help each other.

What’s on the horizon for I Am Boleyn? 
I have my first gig in ages on September 22nd at Old Street Records in London! I am so
excited to sing live again.

Stream the new single “Until the Summer Ends” on Spotify and more! 

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