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Aiela Introduces A New Pop Track “Dance With The Devil”

Having been added to Spotify official playlists “Fresh Finds” and “New Music Friday”, Aiela Angela, an independent artist who made quite an impression for her songwriting, continues to build the momentum with the release of “Dance With The Devil”. A track which unveils the story of a girl who managed to steal someone’s lover, with the devil being used as a metaphor for the guy who cheated.

Aiela Angela, taking a wide range of influences from the likes of Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Rihanna, grasps her listeners into this new world she created through her songwriting. From the sheer quality of her sound and the dynamic impact of her production, down to the image and the aesthetic of the project, Aiela Angela is definitely bringing a much-needed breath of fresh air to the pop scene.

Dance With The Devil, produced by Machua Touchez, features a very memorable introduction, which will immediately hook listeners from the get-go. To seal the deal, the vocal delivery reveals the artist’s personality, and shows off the broad depth of sound that she has on tap. This is definitely going to be something you’d enjoy if you happen to be a fan of artists such as Sia, Halsey, Katy Perry, or Dua Lipa, only to mention a few! Dance With The Devil stands out as a really awesome musical achievement for this artist, and a perfect taste of what Aiela Angela can accomplish.

Dance With The Devil was released on August 13, 2021

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Words by Aiela Angela, Trixie Davantes & Andrea Caccese
Images provided by: Daniela Pidlaoan

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