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If you are still suffering from those winter blues, then this list may warm you up! Fall is Tour Season, summer is Festival Season, spring is the revival of music in general, and winter is… well, winter is sad. Most bands end their tours mid-December and sure, there are holiday-themed shows to attend, but January is a dead month. There are a few sporadic shows to see, but the real blood-pumpers don’t start until March. There is everything from hardcore to pop to ambiance and even classic. Take a look at the menu below and see what’s going to satisfy your concert cravings this spring!

  1. Matt & Kim
    This lovely duo returns after 3 years with their fifth LP, New Glow. I’m not an avid listener of this duo, but after seeing Matt & Kim perform for the first time at Binghamton University’s Spring Fling last year, I WILL stand by my statement that Matt & Kim put on a great show for anyone in attendance. April 11 – May 22
  1. La Dispute and Title Fight
    I think the lineup speaks for itself. Seriously. If you aren’t stoked about this tour, then I suggest you go and re-listen to both band’s entire discography to flow life back into your veins. March 21 – April 5
  1. Taking Back Sunday and Letlive
    What do you get when you combine Long Island pop/alternative darlings and Californian hell-raisers? I don’t know, but I am going to find out! My ticket was bought the second it went on sale. With the addition of the on-the-rise group The Menzingers, this lineup has already proven that it will be one of the best shows of 2015. February 18 – April 4
  1. All Time Low, Tonight Alive, Issues, and State Champs
    Baltimore pop/punk band All Time Low are celebrating their soon to be released sixth studio record, Future Heart (April 7). How to celebrate? Go on tour with an awesome lineup, of course! Aussie sweethearts Tonight Alive always give off an energetic and positive vibe when performing and not to mention, they are dropping a new record since their 2013 release, The Other Side. April 15 – May 24
  1. Enter Shikari and A Lot Like Birds
    This lineup is a dream. British group Enter Shikari just released their newest and most attention-grabbing record to date. Back up from the musically diversep, ALLB and Stray From The Path should make for one intense and musically diverse show. NOT to mention, as I was typing this, I The Mighty was just added to the bill. I will gladly make this my number one anticipated show of the year! March 20 – April 28
  1. Paramore and Copeland
    If you don’t know who Copeland is, then shame on you. Paramore recently announced this intimate tour as a farewell to the band’s “Self-Titled Era.” This aptly-titled intimate “Writing The Future Tour” will feature indie rock band Copeland, who recently released their highly anticipated album Ixora. This will be Copeland’s first tour in 5 years. April 27 – May 25
  1. The Color Morale and Slaves
    Vanna and Favorite Weapon are appearing on this tour as well. TCM are jumping on tour this spring to celebrate their new album, Hold On Pain Ends. Vocalist Garret Rapp promises acoustic sets and surprise appearances, so make sure to attend! March 19 – May 2
  1. Circa Survive, Balance, and Composure
    Combine the intense and sporadic nature of Circa Survive with that of Balance and Composure and you can guarantee yourself one HELL of a set. Circa’s newest release, Decensus, is a chaotic blend of honesty and pulls out all the emotions that make up each member, which makes for a very promising set of blending the old stuff with the new. March 16 – May 3
  1. The Who
    Random? NO. How many chances in your lifetime will you get to see a classic band like The Who perform? I know if The Rolling Stones ever went on tour where a ticket didn’t also cost me my apartment, car, entire year’s paycheck and my boyfriend’s two cats, I would be there in a second to bask in the glory that my parents got to enjoy when they were younger. April 15 – May 3

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