The Perfect Upcoming Albums for Fall

Making music is hard. Here at Cliché, we understand that there is more to the process than just writing a song and recording it in a studio. Our favorite musicians are often perfectionists, and that may be why our they seem to take so long to release an album. However, the wait to hear the following artists’ new music will soon be over. In fact, not only are these artists releasing their albums soon, but they have decided to do it during one of the best seasons…FALL! Who doesn’t love boots, scarfs, coffee, and hats to keep you warm? We do, and we’ve compiled a list of albums that are sure to get you through this cozy season.
1. Demi Lovato – Confident
I became a fan of Demi Lovato after my best friend made me a Here We Go Again CD and told me I would fall in love. I did fall in love, and I haven’t looked back since. Lovato’s first single–a follow up to her self-titled 2013 album Demi Lovato – “Cool For the Summer” has been climbing the charts, and the impossibly catchy song will lead us into her fifth studio album Confident out October 16. Lovato told UsMagazine that “This album is not just about the things that I’ve been through; it’s more mature, it’s sexier, it’s soulful. It’s a new chapter in my life; I’m tired of my past defining who I am.”
2. Adele – 25
Sadly, there hasn’t been clear confirmation on a new Adele album, but it is rumored that the critically acclaimed singer will finally release her highly anticipated third studio album this season. Rumor has it that she’s worked with the likes of Ryan Tedder, Max Martin, and Danger Mouse to create amazing new tunes. Adele has been working on her third album for almost four years. Her album 21 is still charting on Billboard,which proves that not only are her fans ready for new music from her but that she has a staying power that takes most artists decades to achieve.
3. Coldplay – A Head Full Of Dreams
This one is a rumor too, but it’s a rumor that we are super excited about nonetheless. Coldplay has always had the ability to make music that can fit in any emotional situation. Who isn’t still blasting “Fix You” on rainy days and “Yellow” on every other day? We are ready for Coldplay to say exactly what we can’t quite put into words, and what’s better than Chris Martin singing in your ears as you curl up with your favorite book and some hot cocoa? That’s right–absolutely nothing.
4. Alessia Cara – Know It All
Alessia Cara is taking the world by storm. As we mentioned, she is one of our artists to watch and for good reason. Her instant hit “Here” is a soulful and honest song that led her to release her Four Pink Walls EP at the end of August, a few days earlier than she was scheduled to. The five-song track list was a favorite of both fans and celebrities, all of whom congratulated her on Twitter and exclaimed their eagerness for a full-length album. When Cara was asked on Twitter why she chose the title Know It All for her debut album she said, “I decided to call the album “Know-it-all” because each song is so opinionated and touches upon a strong feeling. While listening to the album, the listener might be under the impression that I have things figured out and that I know it all, but the reality is that I have no idea. It’s a sarcastic title taken from the song ‘If’ on my album. The line says, ‘I’m a know-it-all; I don’t know enough.’” Who really knows anything anymore? Not us, that’s for sure, but we are so excited to see what’s next for the 19-year-old songstress.
Making music is hard. However, with artists like these, it’s nice to know that no matter our mood there is always a song there to express it when we can’t. We can’t wait to load our iTunes up with songs from these amazing artists.
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