Bruno Major: The next big thing

When you hear Bruno, most people think Bruno Mars, but Bruno Major is about to be the name on everybody’s lips.

The London-based musician started as a session guitar player, but it was a brilliant day when he added his own vocals and sang his own songs.

Major’s voice has a raw intensity and strong passion that pulls you in right away. Paired with his amazing guitar skills, you just want to listen to the songs on repeat.

He was recently featured in a Burberry Acoustic session where he performed his song “The First Thing You See.”

Major released his first EP (live nonetheless) on January 21 with Virgin Records, is currently working with producer Ethan Johns (Paul McCartney, Kings of Leon), and he’s going on a solo UK tour in February.

This year is about to take off for Major, and you want to make sure you follow along.

You can keep up with Major at his official site, here, and you can get his EP Live on iTunes.

Featured image: C0urtesy of Total Assault

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