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YouTube has come a long way since the place in which it once began. I remember logging in to view the videos of those I had subscribed to and watching ordinary people display their talent with the use of camera from the comfort of their own bedroom. That part of the experience hasn’t changed, but this platform has grown and become much more than it once was. Instead, it is now a place where companies, brands, and record labels seek new talent to sign on with them. Along with the expansion of YouTube, many people have been shown to find success with it, and the search to find the next Justin Bieber is on! So, here are a few rising YouTube singers to keep on your radar:
1. Madilyn Bailey
This small-town Wisconsin singer began her YouTube journey with just a camera and an acoustic guitar in hand. Now, she’s making her way up to the big leagues by creating music videos, collaborating with other YouTube artists, and scoring a record deal in France! Three months ago, Madilyn announced that some of her viewers had requested her “Titanium” cover to play at one of the biggest radio stations in France! The song caught a lot of attention from various labels in the area and from there, she chose to officially sign on with Play On Records by Warner Music France. Although her album will first come out in France, she has promised her viewers that it will be made available worldwide not too long after. With writing her own music, Madilyn describes the sound of her upcoming album to be ‘moody pop,’ which as she explained, was a genre she always saw herself in. Since 2009, her viewers have watched Madilyn grow and transform from a small-town girl to a rising artist who has managed to keep both her humbleness and sanity intact over the years. We might just have a new Taylor Swift in the making!

2. Sarah Close
Sarah Close’s great rise in YouTube stardom can be directed to her cover of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.” The UK singer has covered a variety of artists from Halsey to Years & Years, giving more and more attention to artists who are not given enough credit for their beautiful melodies. With using very minimal equipment in her videos, the confidence she has in her own voice is highlighted and displayed for the world to see. Sarah’s piano covers give a softer tone to otherwise more upbeat songs, showcasing her natural ability with the ease of making each song into her own. Her creativity does not end there, however. She created a sort of segment in her YouTube channel where she allows her viewers to ask her questions, but instead of simply answering them, she creates a song out of the Q&A. In her first ‘Singing your Questions’ video, she set the record straight after being asked on numerous occasions why she doesn’t simply audition for X-factor. Her response was one that, for me at least, makes you believe in the pure drive of passion: with her being someone with such great talent, she refuses to go on X-factor for the reason of not wanting to gain the wrong type of attention. Although she hasn’t showcased any of the songs she has written herself, she hints in her videos from time to time that they are on their way and will be displayed at the right time, in the form of an album. In the meantime though, she continues to bring her viewers along with her in this journey that I am determined will lead her to much success.

3. Jake Coco
Jake Coco has been making his way up the YouTube ladder since 2006. His subscriber count may be just over 300,000, but many of his videos have reached millions of views! With his philosophy behind his own music being the conductor of emotions, Jake has been shown to make his own rules to succeed in this industry. He mentioned in an interview that once he had found some success with his YouTube channel, he wanted to submit his music to iTunes. However, iTunes only allows you to submit music with a record company name, and so in the moment, Jake decided to make one up and call it Keep Your Soul Records. Although it was simply a joke at first, the label began to do really well and he was approached by other artists who wanted to be a part of it. In January 2015, Jake released Hammer & Strings, an EP on iTunes showcasing a few of his original songs. By helping other YouTube artists along the way, Jake Coco has not only made a name for himself, but he has proved that it is really up to you to make your own dreams come true!

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